10 things you didn’t know about Lost

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Lost (2010). Mira Furlan, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Terry O’Quinn, Evangeline Lilly. Photo: Mario Perez/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Here are 10 things you may not know about the fan-favorite show Lost.

Airing from 2004 to 2010, Lost remains one of the most unique and compelling television shows of all time. It featured intimate, character-driven storytelling while also building a massive scope of grand mythology. It appealed to mainstream audiences even though the show frequently took bold risks. Many shows have tried to replicate Lost‘s tone and success, but none have managed to resonate in the way that Lost did.

The series has proven to have significant staying power as fans continue to discuss and dissect every detail of the show. It has enormous rewatch value as fans discover new details and meaningful connections every time they rewatch the series.

Whether you’re a diehard Lostie or a more casual fan, there are plenty of fascinating behind-the-scenes facts that went into the making of the show. Some significant changes were made from the original vision for the show and the plan continued to be adapted as the series continued. Here are 10 intriguing tidbits you may not know about Lost.

10 little-known facts about Lost

1. Jack Shephard was originally supposed to die in the pilot episode. Even more intriguing is that the role was originally supposed to go to Michael Keaton. Keaton didn’t want to commit to a long-term television show, but he was on board with the idea of only appearing in the pilot episode. This plan was changed as there was concern that fans would feel angered and betrayed by the likable, leading character of Jack being killed in the first episode. Jack’s death was instead given to Oceanic 815 pilot Seth Norris.

2. When Jack was going to die in the pilot episode, Kate was going to be the character who stepped up and became the primary leader of the survivors. She was also going to be a married woman. She would’ve been traveling with her husband, but they would’ve been separated during the plane crash. This backstory was instead given to Rose, who believed her husband Bernard was alive and had her faith rewarded in season 2 when they were reunited.

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