Eagles receiver Marquise Goodwin says he’s faster than Tyreek Hill

Marquise Goodwin, #11, San Francisco 49ers, (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Marquise Goodwin, #11, San Francisco 49ers, (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Eagles wide receiver Marquise Goodwin said on Instagram he’s faster than Tyreek Hill.

For Kansas City Chiefs standout wide receiver Tyreek Hill, he takes pride in being one of the fastest players the NFL has ever seen. If you ask him, there’s no one who tops his speed, period. He’s called out countless players for races to prove his point.

Well, is it time for Hill and new Eagles wide receiver Marquise Goodwin to lace up their racing shoes and get things done? Hill will undoubtedly push for that to happen after Goodwin said during an Instagram Live session that he believes he’s got ‘Cheetah’ beat.


Who would win in a race between Tyreek Hill and Marquise Goodwin?

If only we could get video of Hill’s reaction. You better believe he’s probably laughing things off. Just recently, he challenged Dolphins running back Matt Breida to a race. Not only that, Hill said he’d give up his Cheetah nickname if Breida were to beat him.

Well, what would he do if Goodwin were to take him down? Retire from the Chiefs for a season? That obviously won’t happen, but getting these two receivers to battle it out on the field sure would be entertaining. Last year, Hill posted a top speed of 22.81 miles per hour chasing down teammate Damien Williams on a long touchdown run.

Goodwin, a former Olympian long jumper, had a top speed of 21.68 MPH in 2017. However, he’s confident he can still take down Hill in a race. This is something we’ve got to see.

After spending the last three seasons with the 49ers in the Bay Area, Goodwin is now with Philly looking to help the Eagles get back to the postseason. He’s got high expectations and is already hyping himself up with his latest speed claims. We’ll see if one day he’ll be able to back up his talk.