5 apps that deserve their own HBO Max series

Here are five ideas for popular apps like Calm that could be series on HBO Max.

HBO Max continues to fill its library with some exciting original content. Their latest endeavor in this matter is a very interesting choice, to say the least, as they have seen fit to turn the Calm app into a series. The app, which is best known for assisting people in getting to sleep, will host a slew of A-list celebrities, including Keanu Reeves, Mahershala Ali, and many more tucking in subscribers all over the world.

This intriguing news has sparked some serious curiosity into which other popular apps could be fit to get the TV treatment. The fledgling streaming service could be onto something here, and if this does turn out to be a new way of thinking in the industry, here are five more ideas HBO Max should consider for app-based series.

1. Tinder

The Tinder series would be Room 104 meets Unsolved Mysteries and end up feeling like an actual trip to the Twilight Zone. This potential HBO Max original would make every Black Mirror iteration feel like a Disney cartoon. The series would consist of top-tier actors who would re-enact horrific and hilarious dates that have resulted from the app. A host similar to Jordan Peele on CBS All Access’ The Twilight Zone or someone resembling the prowess of Unsolved Mysteries legend Robert Stack would be ideal. Every episode would end with a number to call for those traumatically affected by the app, which does not apply for those with STIs or unplanned pregnancies.

2. TikTok

TikTok has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. There is concern over whether the app poses a security risk. So naturally, the way HBO Max should go about adapting the infamous lip-sync app is put together a compelling series that looks like Homeland meets Zoey’s Extraordinaire Playlist. As the agents get closer to the answers they seek about the apps Dr. Evil-esque plan to take over the world they are forced to break out into lip sync mode where they must discover the truth while not committing an epic fail, adding to the tension in ways a TV show never thought possible. Bryan Cranston should play the evil app, which will look like if Twitch fans designed Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

3. Snapchat

Snapchat has been regarded as the best way to share moments with people, and it has pretty much taken over the world. The best route to take when converting the popular social platform into a riveting HBO Max series is going fully interactive like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The storyline would be similar to that of Terminator where Snapchat is Skynet, and everyone watching has to be John Connor. The story would see famous people abducted by the service and trapped within its cloud. Viewers will watch a series of videos the celebrities last posted before being captured. Then they will have to answer questions, find clues, and make the right move to track down their code and restore them to the real world. This cyber-action thriller needs a J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof reunion, for it to really work.

4. Slack

Slack is an app known for assisting in the workflow of business in offices or at home. Since so many people are working from home these days and have soo much extra time to consume content, a workplace comedy trying where at-home workers are trying to not only adopt this new lifestyle but also to a Michael Scott or Leslie Knope-esque boss Slack workflow plan could be a solid hit and Emmy favorite. The series would be done in the same format as the films Searching or Unfriended, where everything takes place from a computer screen. This means actors technically could film the series in their own homes, saving so much on production costs. And the product placement opportunities are through the roof. If the Slack series was to work, it might be a good idea to pull the Veep people away from Avenue 5 and have them pen the next hit.

5. Down Dog

A lot of people remember the movie Air Bud, which is about a dog who plays basketball. But what most people don’t know is that there a ton of films in that franchise with dogs playing a plethora of sports. Now is a perfect time to bring back the era of dogs doing people things, and the popular yoga app Down Dog has given the industry a rare opportunity. A series where a dog does yoga and inspires others to do so while helping them with their problems Lassie style is something that would undoubtedly win thirty of forty Emmys easily. The Call of the Wild guys can do all the CGI dog stuff necessary, so there are no limits on what position this capable canine could pull off. If the desired goal is comedy, then casting Anna Faris is a must. But if its Eat Pray Love territory the fans want, then without a doubt throw the Rachel McAdams signal in the sky right away.

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