MLB fans freaked out about ESPN blackout on MLB TV

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images /

MLB fans wanted one thing, but ESPN blacked it out.

With Thursday finally arriving and set to bring MLB Opening Day with it, baseball fans only wanted one thing: To be able to actually watch the games.

A showdown between the New York Yankees and reigning World Series champion Washington Nationals was all set to get Opening Day started, but when MLB fans tried to tune in on MLB TV, they discovered that ESPN had blacked out the game.

Suffice it to say that after missing Spring Training, fearing the season would be cancelled altogether and waiting months for baseball to return, MLB fans were none too pleased with the Worldwide Leader in Sports and their newly discovered lack of streaming capabilities.

MLB fans were not happy about the blackout.

One fan quickly pointed out the irony of being blacked out of a game even further, when fans aren’t allowed in the empty stadiums due to coronavirus concerns (though at least that part is understandable):

Quite a few pointed out the frustration of waiting more than eight months for the return of baseball only to discover Opening Day was being blacked out:

One ESPN+ user wondered what the point of subscribing was if fans couldn’t access the game without a TV subscription:

The combo of not being able to access the game on MLB TV, having ESPN+ and still needing a TV subscription really is quite over the top:

It’s really unfortunate Yankees and Nationals fans might have to wait until tonight’s game is over to be able to watch it back on MLB TV:

After months away from sports, it’s sad we had to have this blunt reminder that sports — and the organizations that broadcast them — are a business. Hopefully this kind if issue doesn’t persist, since we all could use sports back in our lives right about now.

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