Russell Wilson, Ciara welcome first baby to the world with the name of a champion

Russell Wilson, Ciara welcomed baby Win to the world on July 23, 2020.

Why just win baby when you can have a baby named just Win?

When your parents are a power couple, you better believe your given name will be nothing short of extravagant and utterly spectacular. On Wednesday, July 23, 2020, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and wife popular recording artist Ciara welcomed their first child together into the world. With the name of a champion, behold, Win Harrison Wilson, eight pounds, one ounce.

It has a nice ring to it, because who doesn’t love winning? Harrison is a family name, as that was Wilson’s father’s given name, as well as his older brother’s. Will this child go by Harry, Harrison or some other derivative of his middle name? How about just Win, baby? His father may be the best player in Seahawks history, but he’s already on the Silver and Black’s 2042 NFL Draft board.

All this child will do in his life is just Win, baby and we can’t wait!

Surely, there have been humans named before called Winn or Wynn. It’s probably the mother’s maiden name or something of that nature, but too bad those Winns/Wynns weren’t destined to be champions. We’ve had a Pro Football Hall of Famer named Champ Bailey, although that’s a nickname, but a great one for the former Washington, Denver and Georgia standout cornerback.

There have been other bold names for children before. For every Prince and Princess without a domain to call their own, there are children who win the lottery from birth. I mean, Win’s mom’s middle name is literally Princess. Whatever, she’s won a Grammy before and her husband has already won a Super Bowl. They know a thing or two about winning at the highest of levels.

Even though people will call him Loser when he inevitably fails in youth sports because kids have been and always will be mean and everybody is fully aware of that, Win Wilson is incredible alliteration. Plus, his parents have been and always will be cooler than yours. For all the odd celebrity baby names released on the world, this is the least offensive, as well as setting the tone.

This child has to win, win, win, no matter what because that is what his name tells us he does.