Interview: Tosca Musk and the cast of Gabriel’s Inferno Part 2

There’s a lot of love among the cast of the Passionflix’s Gabriel’s Inferno Part 2.

In anticipation of Gabriel’s Inferno Part 2, FanSided Entertainment had a chance to talk with the cast ahead of the movie’s release on July 31. The second installment of the three-part Passionflix adaptation of Gabriel’s Inferno by author Sylvain Reynard is described by director and Passionflix founder Tosca Musk as “the kissing movie” with good reason, and the cast is very excited for fans to watch Julia and Gabriel fall in love in Part 2.

FanSided Entertainment spoke with Musk, Melanie Zanetti (Julia Mitchell), Giulio Berruti (Gabriel), James Andrew Fraser (Paul), Julia Barrett-Mitchell (Rachel) and Haviland Stillwell (Professor Singer) about their experience bringing Sylvain Reynard’s story to life, and from the very first moments of the interview, it became very clear that this cast is special.

WATCH: Full Interview with the Gabriel’s Inferno Cast

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not the Gabriel’s Inferno cast is as close in real life as they seem on screen, then you’ll have your answer in the first few minutes of the interview. Sure, we’ve all been sheltering in place for months so any kind of interaction is welcome, but what you see from the cast is a mutual and genuine affection for each other. They laugh, they crack jokes and they heap praise on each other.

Musk had a lot to say about the cast’s work ethic. The script for each movie was over 200 pages long, and Berruti and Zanetti had the bulk of the dialogue. She was impressed that both actors memorized all of it so that they were ready to work on any scene at a moment’s notice, which is particularly impressive for Berruti, who was memorizing lines in a foreign language while also speaking those lines in a foreign accent.

Zanetti, in describing how she prepared for her role as Julia, noted that Julia is a “survivor and a fighter” and she sees a light in Gabriel when they first meet. From there, she says, he becomes her “sticky little leaf.”

Berruti later asks Zanetti to say something nice about him, to the delight of everyone in the group. (And yes, Zanetti obliges, noting that she “adored working with Giulio” who was her “comrade in arms.”)

Berruti went on to offer praise for all of his co-stars, noting that he loved Haviland Stillwell’s performance with Zanetti. “Tosca really put us together [as a cast], and that’s the magic of this movie. She found an amazing cast and crew, and each one of us adds something of himself to the script to make it so alive and real. I adore the way James is playing Paul. I love the way Julia is playing Rachel. I was impressed by Haviland. I loved that scene in the toilet,” he added with a big smile.

The bathroom scene between Professor Singer and Julia was also Zanetti’s favorite; Zanetti noted that the toilet scene was “delicious.” Stillwell was only on set for a day, but they ended up having a really great time getting ready for their scenes while in makeup at the start of the day.

“That’s the big secret of this, that Mel and I are really close now,” Stillwell laughed. She loved playing Prof. Singer (also known as the BDSM-loving Professor Pain) and revealed that they filmed all of her scenes in one day. Stillwell even hinted to Musk that she would love to be involved in more Passionflix projects, and she, along with Barrett-Mitchell, floated the idea of a standalone story with Prof. Pain teaching Rachel a few tricks to heat up her relationship.

Fraser said that he was very glad to be in the explosive seminar scene that serves as a major turning point for Gabriel and Julia. “That was such a big day for G [Berruti]. He did such a great job. It’s a dream for an actor to just sit there and listen… I was really impressed with how it turned out.”

Fans fell in love with Rachel thanks to Mitchell’s dynamic performance, and without Rachel, it’s possible that Gabriel and Julia never would have ended up together. Mitchell saw Rachel as a “facilitator” who encouraged Gabriel and Julia “to keep their hearts open and keep faith in the healing process.”

This cast will be working together for roughly the next two years (perhaps more, considering the impact of COVID-19), which makes their connection even more special. Their performances are so authentic and genuine, and that’s due in large part to their relationship offscreen.

Gabriel’s Inferno Part 2 will be available exclusively on Passionflix on July 31.