5 reasons to watch Tell Me a Story now that it’s getting a chance to shine on the CW

Here are five reasons to watch Tell Me a Story on The CW.

If you have been curious about the CBS All Access series, Tell Me a Story, you are now in luck. In an effort to bring viewers new content this summer, The CW is airing the first season of the series as part of their weeknight lineup (although they will be giving us the second season as well).

Considering what this series is and the talent that brings the story to life, I think The CW is the perfect fit for this show. Now that we are getting a chance to watch Tell Me a Story on network TV, here are the five reasons you definitely want to tune in every week.

5 reasons we are watching Tell Me a Story now that it’s on The CW

5. The series stars some CW staples

You can’t mention Tell Me a Story and The CW without mentioning the fact that Paul Wesley and Danielle Campbell are two of the show’s stars. Considering Wesley was a staple of The CW when The Vampire Diaries was on air and Campbell was part of that show’s spinoff series, The Originals, it makes sense that there would be some excitement around these two stars returning to the network.

Fans of these two actors now have a new place to watch them, even if the characters they play are not quite as magical as vampires and witches.

4. It’s a fairytale anthology

Calling Tell Me a Story a fairytale anthology is actually quite deceptive. While it is an anthology series and it is about fairytales, it is done in a way that is much darker than you might expect.

This is a thrilling ride that twists the fairytales that you think you know and gives you stories that are dark, twisted, and filled with everything from greed and death to love and revenge. Forget what you think you know and let these characters tell you a new story.

3. The acting is outstanding

I hate to sound like I am surprised by good acting, but there are some premises that require a level of acting ability that is not always present on TV. And yet, the acting in Tell Me a Story is brilliant. They bring these characters to life in a way that makes you believe the story wholeheartedly.

And while I may always think of Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, I don’t ever look at him in this series and think of The Vampire Diaries. James Wolk is another actor who I look at and often think of his work on Mad Men or even Zoo, and yet that doesn’t happen at all in this series. Instead, this show allows these actors to shine without the specter of their previous work.

2. It’s a psychological thriller

If you enjoy psychological thrillers, then this show is for you. It delivers all of the aspects you expect from a thriller but with fresh twists that don’t always pop up in those types of TV shows. Perhaps it is the fairytale retelling aspect of the show, but this series feels fresh and new, even with the elements that make it a psychological thriller.

1. It’s good entertainment

Bring all of these aspects together, and you have a show that is truly entertaining. Any time you get a series that has excellent acting, star power of any kind, and a story that feels fresh and original, then you know you have good entertainment on your hands.

While only one episode has actually aired at this point, it kicked things off in a way that draws you in so that you want to keep watching. And that’s exactly what I plan to do.

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Have you watched Tell Me a Story yet? Will you be watching it on The CW? What do you think of this series? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.