Jusuf Nurkic revealed grandmother contracted COVID-19 and is in a coma

Jusuf Nurkic shared why he wants everyone to wear a mask.

The Portland Trail Blazers are an entirely different team with Jusuf Nurkic on the floor. He scored 18 points Friday afternoon as the Trail Blazers picked up a much-needed victory over the Memphis Grizzlies down in the NBA Orlando bubble.

Nurkic looked liked his old self in what was his first regular season game since March of 2019. He fought hard to return to the floor after suffering a gruesome leg injury back in 2019. The dominant big man also revealed a personal connection to the COVID-19 pandemic and urged individuals to do the right thing.

Jusuf Nurkic affected by COVID-19

It is easy to ignore the reality of COVID-19 if you don’t personally have the virus. In this case, Nurkic’s grandmother has it and is also in a coma. That is a serious situation and it is obvious why he tells others to do the simple task of wearing a mask.

Blazers fans are thrilled with Nurkic’s return and the victory Friday has the team poised to at least stay on track to force the Memphis Grizzlies into a play-in tournament for that eighth and final spot in the Western Conference playoff race. The race is still close, but having him back makes Portland a true contender once again.

Being stuck in the Orlando bubble limits the ability for players to see family and friends. Nurkic showing up while his grandmother is in a COVID-19-related coma is not an easy thing to do. However, it may be one of the safest places to be with everything going on.

There are people who just won’t listen when it comes to wearing a mask. It may take someone like Nurkic for individuals who follow the Blazers to get the message.