Lonzo Ball throws alley-oop to Zion Williamson from beyond halfcourt (Video)

Zion Williamson showed off his hops yet again on Monday with a three-quarters court alley-oop

Zion Williamson’s weight and playing time might be the elephant in the room right now with the New Orleans Pelicans, but when he’s on the court, he still remains one of the most athletic finishers in all of the NBA. In many ways, that’s what makes his minutes limit so frustrating for the average NBA fan, especially given there’s no clear injury diagnosis to justify holding him back.

The Pels are looking out for the long-term, and this is far from a one-year project in New Orleans. Williamson is expected to be the face of the franchise for years to come, and that’s why we just have to trust that plays like these are just an appetizer of what’s to come.

Lonzo Ball and Williamson have formed an elite connection on the fast-break

The Pelicans allow Ball to play to his strengths, rather than expecting him to be the savior, as were the goals he had thrust upon him in Los Angeles. With the Pels, Ball’s patience, court vision and even three-point shooting have all improved — and he wasn’t even the best player David Griffin acquired in the Anthony Davis trade.

The Ball-to-Williamson lob is likely to continue for years to come, at least when Zion is healthy. The Duke product has had injury issues at just about every level, and the sputtering start to his NBA career — in that he can only play in short bursts at this juncture — are right to leave some concerned moving forward.

Williamson’s first season has shown plenty of promise, as he’s averaging over 22 points is 28 minutes-per-contest. New Orleans, meanwhile, is still fighting for a playoff spot, and their matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night is pivotal in the battle for seeding in the bubble.