5 movies to watch if you like HBO Max’s An America Pickle

Here are five fish-out-of-water movies with a time-bending twist that fans of HBO Max’s An American Pickle starring Seth Rogen should definitely check out.

HBO Max has several amazing films to choose from in its impressive library, and it continues to add great titles every day, some under their very own banner like An American Pickle. The comedy-drama based on the 2013 short story Sell Out stars Seth Rogen in dual roles can only be described as a hilarious, heartfelt story that shows some things never change regardless of what century we are in.

The exceptional motion picture follows a man named Herschel, who is brined in a pickle vat for 100 years only to arrive in the present to encounter his great-grandson, and the entire affair chronicles how the two try to coexist. For those that can’t get enough of this time-defying concept of a fish out water in a new era, then here are five other superb titles that each bring something unique to the table while still being very close to the beloved premise of HBO Max’s An American Pickle.

Back to the Future Part 2 (1989)

In An American Pickle, the film tells the story of Herschel meeting his great-grandson, who shouldn’t exist in the same time period. An outstanding movie that explores this crazy concept is definitely Back to the Future Part II, where Marty McFly goes into the future and ends up helping out his son, Marty Jr., who is a total wimp who gets into some trouble.

Seeing someone from the past marvel, fear, and misunderstand the innovations of the future can be a laugh riot affair, and there is plenty of that in the 1989 classic as well as a bunch of identity switches that result in some memorable gut-busting moments. While the stories are very different, certain emotional and laughable factors remain the same, making the second Back to the Future a solid followup for An American Pickle.

Kate & Leopold (2001)

If fans liked An American Pickle’s “great grandfather’s coming from the past to shake things up” storyline, then they will go bananas for a great-great-grandfather played by Hugh Jackman making his way to the present to get in a relationship with Meg Ryan. Kate & Leopold is a romantic comedy with a refined, time-traveling twist.

Stuart, an amateur physicist, discovers the existence of gravitational time portals. He inexplicably pulls his great-great-grandfather, the third Duke of Albany Leopold, and he starts a loving relationship with Stuart’s ex-girlfriend Kate.

It turns out a modern woman really just craves some good old 1876 chivalry, and it’s pretty entertaining to watch these worlds collide in this heartfelt, comical love affair. The theatrical release or the directors cut would be an excellent followup after enjoying HBO Max’s An American Pickle.

Blast From the Past (1999)

When the past meets the present, there is never a dull moment, and that was definitely proven several times in the 1999 romantic comedy Blast from the Past. The film starring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone follows a well-mannered man living his entire life as if it were still the ’60s in bunker only to meet in a world he doesn’t recognize and somehow finding love in the process.

The Webbers ventured into their bomb shelter back in 1962 when they thought a nuclear war had begun. Now their son at the age of 35 must ventures out onto the surface for the first time not knowing no nukes went off in America. He meets a girl named Eve, who starts to find his vintage ways alluring kicking off a whacky “will they, won’t they” affair. Blast From The Past plays out like a sitcom character from the 1960s trying to make it with a modern woman resulting in a fun, wholehearted cinematic endeavor that An American Pickle fans can enjoy.

Encino Man (1992)

Encino Man probably contains the closest narrative to that of HBO Max’s An American Pickle with someone from the past being frozen in time only to thaw out in the future. Instead of falling into a vat of pickles, this story showcases a caveman attempting to make fire only for an earthquake to cause a cave-in burying the poor guy. He is then thawed out in 1990s Los Angeles where his friends who call him Link, as in “Missing Link,” show him whats it’s like to experience high school living in sunny California.

There is no shortage of hilarious hijinks or side-splitting shenanigans that make up this classic comedy film. This laugh-out-loud fish out of ice block story stars Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin, and Pauly Shore solidifying it as a true ’90s film and an outstanding choice to watch after An American Pickle on HBO Max.

Idiocracy (2006)

Idiocracy is the cult hit from Mike Judge that tells the story of a very average Army librarian who is selected for a suspended animation experiment and is forgotten about until 500 years later. Corporal Joe Bauers and a hooker named Rita wake up in a world where everyone is insanely stupid, and they are the smartest people on the entire planet.

This dystopian world of anti-intellectualism and massive commercialism is hilarious in so many ways, and the biggest joke of all is that at times it doesn’t seem very different from the world we live in today, like Terry Crews as the president feels like a real thing that could happen. Idiocracy continues to be topical even to this day and still holds up as a wickedly funny watch, especially following the likes of An American Pickle.

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