MLB cancels more Cardinals games, puts them at major disadvantage

The St. Louis Cardinals’ extended pause continues.

MLB received a small glimmer of hope after reports indicated that the St. Louis Cardinals‘ round of COVID-19 testing on Sunday was relatively clean. But then reality struck again hours later, as outfielder Lane Thomas tested positive for the coronavirus, effectively postponing the Cardinals’ series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The news got even bleaker on Monday.

The league announced that the Cardinal’s doubleheader on Thursday against the Detroit Tigers has officially been postponed. Additionally, there’s no update on whether St. Louis can play its series against the Chicago White Sox later this week.

To show just how much of a disadvantage the Cardinals are out, they’ve played just five games this season, while the rival Cincinnati Reds have played 19. So, St. Louis hasn’t played for 25 percent of MLB’s 60-game season.

Cardinals have a minimal amount of time to finish their season

The Cardinals’ COVID-19 outbreak began back on July 31 before their series in Milwaukee against the Brewers. After a handful of players tested positive, the Cards were told to quarantine in their respective hotel rooms until they test negative. After returning home, the number of positive cases on the team rose to 14, with notable names including catcher Yadier Molina and shortstop Paul DeJong.

Manager Mike Schildt revealed on Sunday that a number of his players had to go to the emergency room to receive IVs due to the coronavirus.

Considering the Cardinals have played a literal handful of games, the team has 45 days (at most) to make up the remaining 55 contests this season. That would put any team at a disadvantage. But if any team has proven that they can succeed despite a viral outbreak, the Miami Marlins are that. After 18 players tested positive, the Marlins were sidelined for over a week before returning last Tuesday. Since returning, Miami has gone 4-2 and currently holds first place in the NL East.

Anything can happen in 2020, so we can’t rule out the Cardinals going on a ridiculous run for the remainder of the season. But first, they have to be cleared to return.