Seahawks cut rookie CB after he tried to sneak woman into team hotel

Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks are showing a no-tolerance policy around COVID-19 protocols.

NFL players reported to training camp just a couple of weeks ago, but apparently Kemah Siverand, a Seattle Seahawks rookie out of Oklahoma State, was already getting desperate. Siverand was cut by the Seahawks for violating the NFL’s COVID-19 rules by trying to sneak a woman into the team’s hotel.

Siverand allegedly went all out, dressing the woman up like a player in order to get her inside of the hotel unnoticed, but he was unsurprisingly caught. The Seahawks clearly aren’t playing games with safety protocols and immediately waived the rookie.

The Seahawks did the right thing with Siverand, even if it seems harsh

While cutting Siverand was the right move by the Seahawks, he also wasn’t a major loss for the team. The cornerback went undrafted and Seattle is pretty much set at the position without him. This raises the question of what would happen to a player with an important role. It’s pretty safe to say quarterback Russell Wilson wouldn’t be cut for violating protocols.

It’s also concerning to see the rules being broken this early in the game. The players aren’t even traveling or interacting with other teams right now, and they’ve only been participating in training camp since the end of July. After watching the MLB fall apart because of players’ irresponsible behavior, this doesn’t bode well for the start of the NFL season.

If athletes don’t prioritize COVID-19 safety, we might lose the NFL season on top of college football. It can’t be easy to be isolated from friends, family and the rest of the outside world, but athletes had the option to opt out of the season with pay if they didn’t want to play during this crazy year. Hopefully, other players will take notes after seeing Siverand get cut and take the rules more seriously.

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