Mulan behind-the-scenes featurette shows Liu Yifei’s intense warrior training

Disney+ released a new behind-the-scenes Mulan featurette with Liu Yifei.

Mulan fans are ready to get down to business again with a new release date in sight for Mulan next month. And in anticipation of the live-action remake film heading to streaming, Disney shared a new behind-the-scenes featurette that shows how its star, Liu Yifei, prepared for battle.

In the quick clip shared on the Walt Disney Studios’ YouTube page, director Niki Caro shared some behind-the-scenes info on how the film all came together — specifically highlighting Yifei and co-star Donnie Yen’s incredible display of combat in the film.

Showing Yifei’s behind-the-scenes practice, it looked like something out of a Marvel behind-the-scenes clip. It’s not often that Disney’s princesses get to go into action, especially in a live-action movie. But Mulan flips the script with that. In the clip, you see Yifei practicing sword fighting and archery, and director Caro praises her for being “an accomplished martial artist.” She followed up by saying: “Every moment Yifei was on set, she raised the bar. And she inspired all of us.”

Later in the featurette, Caro also praised long-time actor Donnie Yen for his acting in the film. She recalled one of her favorite moments shooting the film in which including him showing off his martial arts skills and some of his tricks that come along with it. “As Commander Tung, he does a sword display in front of all the recruits,” she said. “The way he moves a sword, it moves so fast, I had to shoot the sequence again in slow motion — just so I could see what he was doing,” she revealed. You can watch the entire Mulan featurette down below.

From the behind-the-scenes featurette, it’s quite sad that Mulan didn’t get to have the full theatrical run that it was promised. Everything from action sequences to costumes to the cinematography absolutely look perfect for the big screen. But unfortunateley, the movie went as far as having a red carpet premiere before the pandemic resulted in movie studios to pull their releases and movie theaters to close.

It was revealed earlier this month that Mulan would no longer be held back for a theatrical release, and it would in fact be heading to streaming on Disney+. But unlike the movie Artemis Fowl, which was released for free on the streaming platform, Mulan will be a premium film to watch. In other words, it will cost users $29.99 to rent the film. And it will be available to watch beginning Sept 4.

At least fans won’t have to wait much longer to see Mulan at home. The best advice seems to be: find the biggest TV you have, pull up the movie on there, and try to enjoy this spectacular looking film as close to a theatrical release as you can.

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