Why Wonder Woman should be the Iron Man of the DCEU, not Batman

It’s evident that Wonder Woman should be the Iron Man of the DCEU instead of Batman.

There are several reasons why Warner Bros. should overcome their endless addiction to the Batman and start entertaining the idea that Wonder Woman becomes the focal point of the DCEU in the same vein that Iron Man existed in the much more successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether its critical acclaim, box office revenue, or the superior leadership credibility the stories have garnered her with throughout the years, there’s no question that Diana is the one who can bring balance back to the films of DC and make the Justice League great again.

After watching every preview from DC FanDome, it becomes abundantly clear which hero should be the epicenter of the DCEU, and it is not the Caped Crusader, the Man of Steel, or the Scarlet Speedster. The main theme behind the digital event was to show fans where things were headed in this shared universe with opening up the multiverse, and now more than ever, the films need Wonder Woman to lead the franchise like Tony Stark for this bold new direction to work.

Some would argue that Iron Man, a property that struggled to be adapted for many years, helped change the game when it came to superhero movies and expanded the idea of how far a franchise could take its stories on the big screen. While the MCU has produced many memorable characters, it’s hard to argue that the iconic performance, great writing, and brilliant directorial execution of the first Avenger on screen solidified the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years to come, all of which has a lot in common with a certain action-packed Amazonian thrill ride.

Wonder Woman defied the odds after years of many failed adaptations and was a hit with both fans and critics alike, receiving much more acclaim than most of the Marvel releases and every other DCEU film. Aquaman and Shazam! did receive considerable praise, which at the time was very common for male-led movies of the genre, but its important to remember that the Patty Jenkins-directed gem was one of the highest-grossing films of 2017. It was also considered for highly coveted accolades and received a fair amount of support for being snubbed by the Oscars, which none of the boys in the franchise received.

Never before had a female-driven flick about a comic book character garnered the kind of success Wonder Woman had, kicking the door open for Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and many more Marvel ladies to have the opportunity to follow suit. While their rival won the cinematic universe battle, DC was the first in recent times to put an actress on the front lines resulting in the fierce amazon singlehandedly changing the game forever, which is a pretty suffice reason for her candidacy as Justice League head honcho.

Then there is the Gal Gadot factor. She has superbly embraced the role, and, like Robert Downey Jr. who was also not as big of a deal before it all started, her glorious efforts have launched the actress’ career into the stratosphere. As Diana becomes a better superhero on screen, Gadot’s skills continue to improve, indicating that among all the actors cast in the DCEU, she was born to play this role, and whoever follows in her footsteps will have the impossible task of filling those shoes.

And from a story perspective, there’s the fact that she is mentally stronger than all of her male counterparts. Wonder Woman has the least amount of baggage out of all the known members of the Justice League (surprisingly showing no signs of daddy issues, being the only hero who has had zero contact with her pops). Diana isn’t spoiled from wealth and has shown a much stronger sense of duty and morality than any of the other DCEU heroes.

She would never resort to using a gun or radically brand criminals. Diana has also shown enough restraint not to let her emotions get the better of her when a loved one is in danger, something Superman and the rest of the heroes have a bit of trouble pulling off as seen in several past iterations. Let’s just say she wouldn’t lose her mind if someone said her mother’s name which matters more than many would think.

The other thing is that Batman is just too big a deal to share the spotlight with a powerhouse like Wonder Woman, which sets up Warner Bros. to outdo Marvel and the rest if they saw fit to take the leap. It honestly makes more sense for Batman to run his family of Gotham knights and allow Wonder Woman to take over the Justice League, allowing for the studio to have two Avenger-caliber titles that could come together for an Infinity War-style mashup. There is also the possibility with Michael Keaton’s return that Bruce Wayne could become a Nick Fury-like figure, giving Diana the chance to run the show against whatever threat comes her way.

Armed with so many reasons to make the change, it would be a devastating shame if whatever Endgame-esque scenario that takes place in the DCEU doesn’t have Wonder Woman be the hero that snaps evil away.

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