5 brilliant background shows to stream on HBO

Here are five of the best choices only available on HBO that can provide the perfect background show while subscribers work from home.

Now that more and more people are working from home or in the unfortunate situation of having limited options for going out, the best way to rid their world of uncomfortable silence is a good old-fashioned background show. Everyone needs a go-to in order to fill the void of chatter and ambiance that was once part of the norm, and there is no place better to find great content for this matter than HBO.

The premium cable powerhouse has a plethora of award-winning, critically acclaimed shows that would correctly set the mood for whatever in-house situation subscribers have going on. Out of all the original series that it has to offer, these five are easy to watch, have substantial replay value, and feature enough episodes that will provide an enjoyable, distraction-free setting for any activity from working to just hanging out.

1. Veep

There is no shortage of exemplary workplace comedies that make the roster of superb shows to play in the background, but one takes things all the way to the second most powerful job in the world, which in reality, turns out to be one of the few positions in politics with the least amount of authority. Veep is a hilarious look at the world of politics through the eye of Selina Myer, the vice president of the United States, and her intriguing crew of political minions.

The series has received several awards and can easily set the mood for anyone to get things done. It’s hard not to get a boost of motivation when the HBO’s series reminds viewers that most politicians are just incompetent morons, and by the end, it eases everyone watching with the message that it can and will get better. The Julia Louis-Dreyfus lead comedy series has seven seasons of ridiculous and realistic shenanigans go down that will keep the current climate from driving subscribers insane.

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm

A lot of people would agree that Seinfeld fills the void of silence in their life and is their top choice when it comes to selecting a background show to keep people going. But if the easy-to-watch primetime powerhouse sitcom about nothing from the ’90s doesn’t get the job done, it may be time to look toward co-creator Larry David’s followup endeavor, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The series has been nominated for 38 Primetime Emmy Awards and has seen a significant rise in popularity since its debut in 2000. Fans can enjoy 10 seasons and 100 episodes of Larry’s life after Seinfeld getting into all kinds of ridiculously hilarious situations. If people thought a program about nothing was funny on cable, then a show about the same thing would be even better on the Home Box Office, and they would be right, resulting in a pretty, pretty, pretty good HBO original to fill the background.

3. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 

Most late-night variety talk shows don’t hold a very high replay value with viewers mostly due to the fact the content quickly becomes yesterday’s news. But some out there put a focus on an issue that so important it deserves revisiting in order to fully comprehend why it’s not great and how it can be changed for the better. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has so many illuminating videos that provide some much-needed perspective, nuance, and information about important issues that don’t get enough attention.

Issues with civil forfeiture, gerrymandering, the confederacy, the coronavirus pandemic, and many more vital topics are covered in depth by the 16-time Primetime Emmy winning series hosted by the British comedian. Oliver holds nothing back and isn’t even afraid to bash his corporate overlords AT&T indicating this man has no bias and is on the side of the truth. There are a ton of great episodes to relive over and over again, and the manner in which its portrayed makes it a solid background binge choice. For those that don’t have HBO, the essential segments of this series can be viewed for free on the HBO original’s YouTube Channel.

4. Silicon Valley

A lot of members of the tech world’s workforce are now setting up shop from home, which requires the right background series to keep productivity high and inspire great ideas all the time. HBO’s Silicon Valley perfectly pokes fun at all the technology we utilize daily and exceptionally unveils a glimpse of the whacky behind the scenes world of how everything from data compression to how a brand new internet gets made.

Even if viewers are not well-versed in this high-tech world, they will still find all kinds of hilarious moments in this wickedly funny series. The amusing personas of Richard and the rest of the genius innovators making their way through the cutthroat business world offers up nothing short of a gut-busting experience from start to finish, full of references, Easter eggs, and jokes everyone will enjoy playing in the background of their everyday lives.

5. Entourage

It’s natural to want to dress up one’s work environment as much as possible in order to inspire greatness throughout the day. Nothing says success like HBO’s Entourage making the infamous comedy series about a movie star and his friends traversing the wild world of celebrity a perfect option to fill the void of silence.

Vincent Chase, his manage E, brother Drama, and best friend Turtle, get into some pretty hilarious predicaments throughout the show’s impressive eight-season run. The HBO comedy series is filled with side-splitting twists and tons of cameos from big-name stars. Entourage is not a complicated show by any means, and watching famous people do famous people things is definitely the right amount of nonsense to make sure any dull day at home gets a slight kick of excitement now and again, proving its background show credibility is very substantial.

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