Store Labor Day hours 2020: Is Walmart open?

Is Walmart open on Labor Day?

Labor Day is usually a time for families to come together to celebrate and spend time together. It’s also a day that most American’s have off. That means an extra day to the weekend. The holiday has also become a bit of a milestone for many as it heralds the unofficial end of summer. Most kids are back in school by this point and the weather is changing for many across the northern states. So it’s a fitting holiday to hold a party or a small celebration.

What happens though if you’re out of guacamole, or your inlaws are coming into town and you need an air mattress or hammock immediately because you want them to be able to sleep. Just not too well. Where can you go on Labor Day for all of those household needs, last-second grocery shopping, or any forgotten birthdays that need a present?

Walmart, because fret not; Walmart is open on Labor Day. Most Walmart locations will be observing regular business hours and will open and close at usual store times. It’s best to check local store times online, or by calling your local Walmart, but unless something drastic has happened; yes your Walmart is open on Labor Day.

Be sure to bring your mask, practice social distancing, and prepare to give yourself a little extra time in case there are lines or a slight wait while you purchase your goods. On top of all that, be sure to also enjoy your day off, if you’re lucky enough to have it off.