Canelo Alvarez sues Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya & DAZN

The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger tweeted late Tuesday, Sept. 8, that Canelo Alvarez filed suit against Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy, and DAZN. 

Canelo Alvarez, the biggest name in boxing, hasn’t stepped foot inside of a ring since November, but he’s getting ready to fight inside of a courtroom.

The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger tweeted out late Tuesday, Sept. 8, that Alvarez filed suit against Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy, and DAZN.

Coppinger’s tweet stated, “Canelo Alvarez filed suit vs. Oscar De La Hoya, GBP & DAZN today in Los Angeles Federal Court, a copy of which @TheAthletic obtained.”

His tweet also shared a quote reportedly from Alvarez’s filing.

In it, Alvarez stated, “I’m not scared of any opponent in the ring, and I’m not going to let failures of my broadcaster or promotors keep me out of the ring.”

Alvarez has voiced displeasure with his promoter and former boxing great De La Hoya in the past. In August of 2019, Alvarez was stripped of his IBF middleweight title. He went on to make critical comments to The Athletic about De La Hoya, claiming he wasn’t loyal.

Canelo Alvarez just escalated his situation with Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy Promotions, and DAZN. This relationship looks done.

Multiple reports surfaced that Alvarez was having a financial dispute with streaming service DAZN over his guaranteed money under their current contract. Alvarez has been searching for an opponent, but if he’s not paid what he’s owed, he’s not stepping into the ring anytime soon.

News of his lawsuit almost guarantees that Alvarez will not be boxing soon unless DAZN and Golden Boy financially resolve the situation. Golden Boy has taken a lot of flack from current and former boxers. Their current star, Ryan Garcia, refused to fight for them on July 4 for a $200,000 purse.

Former Golden Boy boxer Andrew Cancio recently told FanSided about his split with the promotional company, “With me, I got paid the lowest. Jojo Diaz was a three-time challenger, has a world-title [shot] against Tevin Farmer, and got paid $400,000. I was defending my title for the second time. I got paid $200,000, and they dumped me because I said what I said. I don’t know what’s going on over there, but I know what was going on for me. I felt like I got underpaid. It was always just my minimums. It was nothing evermore. It was a bad breakup.”

Time will tell if Golden Boy and De La Hoya can again mend their dealings with Alvarez, but it looks like this relationship is likely over.

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