Josh Reddick wants us to feel sorry for the Astros

Josh Reddick is feeling the blues this season.

The Houston Astros suffered a tough loss Thursday to the Oakland Athletics. The 3-1 defeat put the Astros 6.5 games back in the division with 15 games to play. The A’s took four of five in the series and essentially locked up the American League West.

Now the Astros are just fighting to stay in second place and outfielder Josh Reddick expressed how everyone is feeling given the current struggles. It also appears he wants his team to get some sympathy.

Josh Reddick won’t find many supporters

The Astros entered 2020 as the most hated team in baseball to those outside the fanbase. Not a single player was punished for the sign-stealing scandal that turned the Astros into villains. There were also non-apologies and a general lack of remorse from a team that expected to come out and dominate once again.

Only that did not happen. The Astros are 22-23 and have only a two-game lead over the third place Seattle Mariners.

The Astros have won three straight division crowns and won over 100 games in all three seasons. But that came at a time when it is suspected there was ongoing sign-stealing. Now after the team got caught they are collectively struggling. Seems like quite the coincidence.

Thursday’s loss saw the offense finish with two hits. Reddick did have one of those and also came around to score the team’s only run. The top of the lineup saw both George Springer and Alex Bregman go 0-4 on the day. Neither is hitting above .250 on the season.

Reddick gave his comments to Astros reporters. But it is still hilarious to think anyone outside of Houston would have any sympathy for a team that got caught cheating. The Astros struggling in 2020 seems to point toward the cheating working and working well.

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The Astros have become the kings of having no awareness of their own situation. Saying nothing is going their way is too much to handle and seems like it was said purposely as a joke.

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