Daniel Cormier tested positive for COVID before Stipe Miocic fight

Daniel Cormier found out he had tested positive for the coronavirus just weeks before his heavyweight title fight with Stipe Miocic. 

The UFC has done a great job of running events during a time when sports are changed drastically. Many professional sports were on hold for many months due to the global coronavirus pandemic. MLB and NBA were stalled but the UFC found a way to get through it. They were and are being diligent with fighter and staff testing prior to events but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been fighters who have tested positive. One fighter who tested positive for COVID before his fight was Daniel Cormier.

Cormier admitted that he tested positive just weeks before his UFC 252 championship bout against Stipe Miocic. He was feeling ill during his training leading up to the event but passed all testing when the time came. He began to question his health with the help of an Oura Ring that was gifted to him by the UFC. The UFC just announced a partnership with the company.

“The ring didn’t tell me I had COVID,” Cormier told Yahoo Sports. “But the ring told me that something wasn’t right, and I used the information to make a decision to go see the doctor. I found out then that I had COVID, but the information I got from the ring allowed me to make the fight.“

Cormier was feeling better by the date of the fight and never used having COVID as an excuse for the loss.

“This is not an excuse at all. Miocic won the fight and he fought beautifully,” Cormier said. “This is a thank you almost to Oura for allowing me to get to the fight. I might have just kept pushing and not known I had it. But I was able to take care of myself properly and then get back into training and compete for the heavyweight championship of the world.”

Cormier has since retired from MMA but will continue to commentate fights going forward and will not be too far removed from the fight game.