NFL power rankings, Week 4: Bills rolling, Eagles falling

We’re approaching the quarter pole of the 2020 NFL season, and the Buffalo Bills look like contenders while the Minnesota Vikings are finished.


New York Jets 0-3

Last rank: 32nd

J-E-T-S. Just end the season.


New York Giants 0-3

Last rank: 31st

The Giants are somehow not the worst team in their own stadium, despite being the second-worst NFL team going.


Washington Football Team 1-2

Last rank: 29th

Dwayne Haskins doesn’t look very promising and the supporting cast is poor. It’s going to be defense and a bunch of punting.


Cincinnati Bengals 0-2-1

Last rank: 28th

Cincinnati is fighting, but Joe Burrow is going to need about 19 surgeries in the offseason. Man, he’s getting pounded.


Denver Broncos 0-3

Last rank: 25th

The injuries are brutal. The Broncos have a good roster, but the football gods have turned sharply on Denver this year.


Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2

Last rank: 26th

Jacksonville is better than most expected, but this is still a bad team on its way to a top-10 pick.


Philadelphia Eagles 0-2-1

Last rank: 21st

What the hell happened to Carson Wentz? He’s a shell of himself.


Atlanta Falcons 0-3

Last rank: 22nd

This is impossible. Fire Dan Quinn and move on already.


Minnesota Vikings 0-3

Last rank: 20th

Losing to the Titans at home, despite a 12-point lead in the second half, is perhaps the finishing blow to their hopes in 2020.


Houston Texans 0-3

Last rank: 23rd

Houston has played the Chiefs, Ravens and Steelers. Now, they get the winless Vikings. Can the Texans break through?


Detroit Lions 1-2

Last rank: 30th

The Lions jumped eight spots by simply winning a game against a solid team on the road. This is how bad the bottom of the NFL is right now.


Carolina Panthers 1-2

Last rank: 27th

Carolina has shown major fight so far this year and some talent to boot. Not a good team, but a feisty one.


Miami Dolphins 1-2

Last rank: 24th

If you don’t love Ryan Fitzpatrick, you don’t love football. Fantastic TV.


Los Angeles Chargers 1-2

Last rank: 18th

Tough loss at home for the Chargers. Carolina is the kind of team Los Angeles needs to beat at home to fight for a playoff spot.


Las Vegas Raiders 2-1

Last rank: 16th

The offense can make some plays, even with a limited Derek Carr. The defense, however, is a mess. The Patriots ran all over the Raiders to the tune of 250 yards.


Cleveland Browns 2-1

Last rank: 19th

A loss to Baltimore. Wins over Cincinnati and Washington. This week, a trip to Dallas to face a solid-but-not-great team. Let’s see where the Browns are at.


Dallas Cowboys 1-2

Last rank: 13th

Let’s say Mike McCarthy isn’t going to fix everything. Also, the defense is a complete tire fire.


Indianapolis Colts 2-1

Last rank: 17th

Getting the Jets is like landing on Free Parking and getting $75 for just being coherent.


Chicago Bears 3-0

Last rank: 15th

We keep it real in these rankings. Kudos to the Bears for winning, but this is the softest 3-0 in NFL history.


San Francisco 49ers 2-1

Last rank: 14th

Man, credit the Niners for destroying the Giants despite playing their second team. San Francisco hasn’t been home in two weeks, sustained a litany of injuries and still won by 27 points. That’s talking.


New Orleans Saints 1-2

Last rank: 7th

Drew Brees and the defense do not look good. Rough combination for a team with dreams of the Super Bowl.


Arizona Cardinals 2-1

Last rank: 9th

This was the classic look-past loss for a young team. The Cardinals are good. They have real talent. Kyler Murray is a stud. Unfortunately, they lost at home to an inferior team in a clunker.


Los Angeles Rams 2-1

Last rank: 10th

The Rams lost to Buffalo, but such an impressive showing to battle back from 28-3 down. Los Angeles isn’t going anywhere in the NFC race.


New England Patriots 2-1

Last rank: 12th

The Patriots have no front seven or passing weapons. Yet, they’re 2-1 and running for 200+ yards with ease. If they keep the score close, the Pats will be a problem most weeks.


Tennessee Titans 3-0

Last rank: 11th

Tennessee has beaten the Broncos, Jaguars and Vikings ( a combined 1-8) by six points. Not sure if that’s indicative of a future issue, but the Titans are undefeated.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1

Last rank: 8th

After stumbling out of the gate, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers have the look of an outfit with ample weapons and a terrific defense. They’ll be fine.


Buffalo Bills 3-0

Last rank: 6th

Josh Allen is playing great, the defense will come around and the coaching is superb. Buffalo looks the part of a potential contender in the AFC.


Pittsburgh Steelers 3-0

Last rank: 5th

Want to see more from the Steelers. Look, 3-0 is 3-0, but the defense is inconsistent and Ben Roethlisberger has been middling so far. There’s more here.


Green Bay Packers 3-0

Last rank: 4th

The Seahawks rank one spot better because they can’t be dropped for a good win over Dallas, but the Packers have the most complete team in the NFC right now.


Seattle Seahawks 3-0

Last rank: 3rd

Russell Wilson looks absolutely ridiculous. The defense is completely MIA, which is a major concern, but the offense can score with anybody.


Baltimore Ravens 2-1

Last rank: 2nd

Not dropping Baltimore. The Ravens lost to the best team in football. Lamar Jackson looked terrible, and the defense got beat bad, but Baltimore is a great squad.


Kansas City Chiefs 3-0

Last rank: 1st

The best team in football. Patrick Mahomes is absurd. Andy Reid is a wizard. The defense is underrated. It’s an incredible, incredible group.