Mark Melancon deserves gold glove after catching another Ozzie Albies home run (Video)

Mark Melancon is the best Braves outfielder, that much is obvious

Albies home run sequence from Game 1 will go down in Atlanta Braves lore. First, Albies stared down an umpire down the line when he didn’t agree with a check swing call. In response, he hit a no-doubter that went right to closer Mark Melancon in the bullpen, who didn’t have to move his glove to make the catch.

Somehow, Tuesday night might’ve one-upped that. Melancon had to move a little for this grab, but the longtime closer ran to his left and made a nice grab on another Albies blast.

Factor in that Melancon is a solid 400 feet away from Albies when the ball is hit, and is partially blocked by the outfield fence, and it’s arguably one of the plays of the year. And this guy did it twice!

Melancon’s feat is all too unlikely, but symbolizes the Braves run to the NLCS

The Braves rotation was supposed to be a weakness of theirs, yet Max Fried, Ian Anderson and Kyle Wright have yet to lose a game this October. In fact, the Braves as a whole are undefeated.

Atlanta is on a roll thanks to some unlikely sources, and they’re showing no sign of slowing down.