(Photo) Cowboys fan paints an incredible mural tribute to Dak Prescott

As Dak Prescott’s recovery begins, Cowboys fans are showing him they have his back in awesome ways. 

It’s going to be a long road back for Dak Prescott, but he’s not going to have to journey alone.

Less than a week after Prescott suffered a gruesome ankle injury that not only ended his season but has altered his future, love and support continue to pour in from Cowboys fans.

Much of the discussion in the immediate aftermath of his injury was about whether or Dak should have taken the money Dallas was offering him over the summer rather than holding out and betting on himself. A player’s worst nightmare is to play on the franchise tag and have happen to them what happened to Dak.

The debate about whether Dak will get paid what he deserves — and if it’ll be from Dallas — will continue to simmer as his recovery progresses. But fans are less interested in the contractual back-and-forth and more concerned with showing Dak that they’re here for him and what he means to them as a fan base.

Juan Velazquez is one of those fans, and he went to incredible lengths to show Dak his support. Velazquez painted a massive mural dedicated to Dak as a tribute to what he means to Cowboys fans and as a show of support as his recovery begins.

While much of the mainstream Dak narrative revolves around money and angst, deeper within the Cowboys community we’re getting to see a different side of this terrible situation. Fans care about Dak on more than a surface football level, he means something to Cowboys fans in a way that’s bigger than X’s and O’s. They embraced him when he opened up about his struggles with depression, and now that he’s going through the toughest thing he’ll endure in his career Cowboys fans are right there beside him.

At a time when the world is so full of negativity and vitriol seeing things like the love and support Cowboys fans have for Dak is incredibly reassuring and refreshing.