Lovecraft Country season finale: Who lived and who died?

Jurnee Smollett HBO Lovecraft Country Season 1 - Episode 10. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO.
Jurnee Smollett HBO Lovecraft Country Season 1 - Episode 10. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO. /

Lovecraft Country took us on an emotional and powerful journey with its characters. Here’s what happened to each character in the end.

Season 1 of HBO’s Lovecraft Country took us on an emotional, moving, and powerful journey through its characters. Each episode, we dived into the lives of each character we saw on screen. Some needed redemption and some need a better ending than others. These characters showed humanity, sacrifice, joy, and heartbreak all mixed into one.

Atticus was the fearless leader of the group and sacrificed himself for his family. Though we may not if there is a season 2 yet, I hope they can find a way to bring him back. Plus, there are still so many other questions left unanswered. I still want to know if Ruby really died even though we saw her in a coma. How will Leti be going forward with her pregnancy? Ji-Ah let the darkness in to save Atticus — how will that affect going forward or is her journey over?

We saw Montrose deal with his traumas from his past, but how will that affect his relationship with his grandkid or even Sammy? Hippolyta traveled to many galaxies and came back with technology from the future — what kind of inventions will she make? We still have all these questions and more at the end of the season — but there’s no denying it was great getting to know these characters, flaws and all. For a complete breakdown of all the characters’ endings in the

Lovecraft Country

season 1 finale, read on below.

Lovecraft Country season 1 finale: Who lived and who died?

Atticus “Tic” Freeman
Did they survive?: No

Christina sacrificed Atticus in order to become immortal. Atticus went back to Ardham to try to stop Christina from using him for her spell. Christina cut his arms and let him bleed out to make herself immortal. Atticus wrote a letter to Montrose telling him that he had to die to protect their family. He wanted Montrose to be the father he could be to his child. Dora, Atticus’ mother, told him that this was going to change the world and his ancestor Hanna said he was going to save them all. Atticus completed his mission and was the hero that always wanted to be.

Christina Brainwhite 
Did they survive?: No

Christina Brainwhite (Abby Lee) was on a quest to become immortal and change her family history. Christina was going over her plans for the spell when Ruby interrupted her and shared an intimate kiss with her. Christina knew Ruby was snooping around her lab so she supposedly killed her. She posed as Ruby, traveled to Ardham with Atticus, and had a fight with Leti where she pushed her out of the tower. Christina dressed in all-white and performed her spell to sacrifice Atticus, using his blood to transform into becoming immortal. Leti finally woke up after Christina put her vulnerability spell back on and tried to kill, her but because she was immortal, it didn’t work. Christina was fine until Ji-Ah helped Leti with the spell banning all white people from magic. Christina became stuck under a rock and calling for help when Dee showed up telling her that she still hadn’t learned. In the final moments of the finale, Dee killed Christina with her new robotic arm.

George Freeman
Did they survive?: No

George Freeman (Courtney B. Vance) has been dead since the beginning of the series. He was killed by Christina’s father, Samuel Braithwhite, after trying to escape from Ardham. He was supposed to get healed after Atticus helped Samuel with his ceremony, but Samuel died during the ceremony. Before George died, he mentioned to Montrose that he may be Atticus’ father and asked him to protect their family. George’s fate still is questioned since Hippolyta can travel to different infinite worlds. He could always come back in a different form.

Letitia “Leti” Lewis
Did they survive?: Yes

In the finale, Letitia “Leti” Lewis (Jurnee Smollet) went to Adrham with Atticus and the others to stop Christina from becoming immortal. Leti got into a fight with Christina who shapeshifted into Ruby after “killing” her because she caught her snooping around for Leti. Christina pushed Leti off the tower, but Christina still had her vulnerability spell place on her. Leti was able to survive and ran to try and save Atticus. Leti stabbed Christina and started using a spell to break Christina’s immortality. With help from Ji-Ah, Leti banned magic from all white people. With Atticus gone, Leti now has to raise their son without him.

Montrose Freeman
Did they survive?: Yes

Montrose Freeman (Michael K. Williams) tried to convince Atticus to come up with another way to stop Christina’s spell. When they headed back to Ardham, Montrose got hurt fighting off the townspeople Christina sent to harm him. The townspeople brought Montrose to the ceremony even though he was injured. Montrose saw Atticus and tried to get him to wake up after Christina was brought down, but he was already gone. Before his death, Atticus did write a letter to Montrose assuring him that he could finally be the father he always could be to his grandchild.

Ruby Batipse
Did they survive?: Maybe

Ruby Baptise (Wumni Mosaku) met up with Leti at their mother’s grave. Leti tried to convince Ruby to help them stop Christina from using her spell. Tired of their family drama, Ruby insisted that Leti only calls her when she needs something and doesn’t know what family really means. When Ruby went back to Christina’s house, Christina shared the details of her spell and they shared an intimate kiss. But, Christina discovered Ruby was snooping around and killed her, and she used her body to sabotage Atticus’ plan. When Ji-Ah went to bring Christina and Atticus together, we saw flashes of Christina’s life, including signs that Ruby was hooked on a machine in a comatose state the same way William was.

Did they survive?: Yes

Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung) helped Atticus to stop Christina, and he apologized to her for how he treated her. Atticus told her that they are family. Ji-Ah road with Atticus and his family to Ardham. Christina sent townspeople to hurt Hippolyta, Montrose, and her. They brought Ji-Ah to where Atticus was being sacrificed. Ji-Ah saw that Leti’s spell was not working so she decided to use herself and help bind the spell together. She helped to ban magic from all white people but lost Atticus in the process. Even though she helped destroy Christina’s spell, she let the darkness in. What changes will happen to her if we get a season 2?

Hippolyta Freeman
Did they survive?: Yes

Hippolyta Freeman (Aunjanue Ellis) comforted Dee after she returned to her normal self. Hippolyta tried to explain to Dee that she left in order to be just like her comic character Orinthia Blue. Hippolyta even put together Dee’s comic strip of Orinthia Blue thanks to an artist named Afua Richards. She showed Dee that this time will pass where she hates herself and shows her the technology that can help her arm. In Ardham, Hippolyta tried to fight the townspeople as they tried to sabotage Christina’s spell, but it didn’t work. After Atticus’ death, she gave Montrose a letter that Atticus had given her. Hippolyta experienced so much while traveling to different times that it makes us wonder if she will use it again in the future to help Atticus return.

Diana Freeman
Did they survive?: Yes

Diana (Jada Harris) finally returned back to normal in the finale, but one of her damaged arm was not able to recover, and she was quite shaken by that. She was also upset with Hippolyta for leaving her, and she was upset that she wouldn’t be able to draw again. Hippolyta assured her that she would be able to draw again. In Ardham, Dee was left in the car by herself and was almost attacked by a Shoggoth, but she was saved by another. During Atticus’ flashbacks, it was revealed he taught her about the monsters that protect their family, and that was the Shoggoth that came to defend her. In the final scenes, Dee showed up with her robotic arm and the monster that protects their family, and she didn’t hesitate to kill Christina. Before Christina died, Dee told her that she never learned, and now we’re questioning if that Dee we saw is even the true Dee.

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