College Football betting picks against the spread October 29-30

College Football betting picks against the spread October 29-30

We were supposed to have six games before Saturday this weekend, but it’s down to five with FIU losing yet another game to COVID. The Panthers have played just three games this year. Their fourth will have to wait another week.

We still have some ways to make money for the weekend. With the way my picks have gone this year, we’ll need it.

For those of you that are new to this, I pick every college football game every week. Not a top five. Not a top ten. All of them. Big deal, right? Lots of people make picks. Well, I do them all against the spread! I take the odds of each game and average them out at all the Vegas casinos and round to the nearest half. There will be no ties here. Ties are for the other football.

I also assign a point value based on the confidence I have in each pick. 1 means that I have little to no confidence. 5 is one I would place a decent wager on. I keep track of my record and my points back from year to year.

Games involving FCS vs. FCS schools and FBS vs. FCS schools will NOT be picked. Most of these lines are off the boards at the major casinos anyway. This year there are less of those games happening, and if there is enough demand, I make take a shot.

As we all well know, this is not an exact science. Due to the volatile nature of betting in general, this is for entertainment purposes only! I cannot be responsible for the loss of money, possessions, spouses, or limbs because of my picks. I can’t have that on my conscious.

Without further delay, let’s get to the five games that kick off week 9!

South Alabama at Georgia Southern(-4.5)(2): I see why this line dropped. USA’s offense looks really good and the defense is good at times. They’re going to need better than that here. These two do have a common opponent. The Eagles struggled with Monroe. The Jags did not. USA straight up.

Colorado State(-1.5) at Fresno State(3): The Rams are a balanced offense and Fresno struggled with one of those last week. If Patrick O’Brien takes that step forward, the Rams are going to be a force. I’ll take CSU here.

Minnesota(-19.5) at Maryland:(4): This line is big, but I still doubt that Northwestern is better than the Gophers. Northwestern beat the Turtles by 40. Give me Goldy.

East Carolina at Tulsa(-17.5)(1): I like this Tulsa offense a lot, but ECU isn’t terrible. Holton Ahlers is back and they have some good receivers. That half scares me a little, but I can’t be against the Dust Devils right now. Give me Tulsa.

Hawaii at Wyoming(EVEN)(4): Is this a joke? Sean Chambers wont make or break the Cowboys, but this Hawaii team looked really good last week. The mountain air might affect them. That’s the only reason there isn’t a 5 bet on this one. Hawaii by double digits.

Stay tuned throughout the season for every college football game picked against the spread! I usually have my picks up about 24 hours before kickoff in order to get the most accurate spread possible. If I change one, I will post it on Twitter.