Did the Cardinals get screwed over on this safety call?

Was that safety actually a safety?

In a close game, minor plays could be the difference between a win or a loss. For the Arizona Cardinals, they could be sitting at 6-4 if the offense can’t make up for what could be an egregious call.
During the start of the fourth quarter, Kyler Murray looked to complete a pass outside of his own end zone. Connecting with DeAndre Hopkins, it looks as if Arizona would have some space to keep the drive alive. However, according to the referees, JR Sweezy seemed to hold a Seahawks defender when trying to bring down Murray. And according to the NFL rules, if a penalty occurs in the end zone, that’s the result of a safety.

Then again, look closely at the hold. It occurred at the goal line and not in the end zone. Therefore, shouldn’t that just put Arizona further in their own end zone instead?


Will the referees ruin Arizona’s momentum?

The referees have missed several calls in Thursday night’s game on both sides of the ball. Plays like that can be a problem though as it gives a team an advantage with mere minutes left on the clock. For Arizona, now the team will be forced to make a stop and score a touchdown instead of settling for a field goal.

Poor refereeing will be the downfall of any team. That could be the case for the Cardinals as the referees saw something outside of the rest of the world.