Matthew Stafford won’t stand up for Matt Patricia

It’s clear the Lions starting quarterback is out on the head coach 

Matthew Stafford didn’t mince his words following a 41-25 blowout to the Houston Texans. Once again, poor coaching cost them a win against a losing team to send them to 4-7 on the season.

Now, every day with Matt Patricia at the helm seems like a bad dream Stafford and the fan base can’t wake up from. However, when asked by reporters if Patricia should be let go by the season’s end, it’s very evident which direction Stafford believes the team should go.

“It’s not my decision,” Stafford said, according to reporters. “That’s for somebody else. If you want to ask me about the game, you ask me about the game.”

Patricia has to go, right?

The writing is on the wall for Patricia, who single-handed has set the franchise back. The biggest problem with all that is how he handles each outing as if things will change overnight.

“I focus one day at a time. That hasn’t changed,” Patricia told the press after his defense allowed their fifth 30-plus point game. “We’ll focus on today and go from there.”

A disciple of Bill Belichick, it’s looking more like only a few will transition well to head coach. The Texans parted ways with former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien after an 0-4 start. Current offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels lasted two seasons in Denver before being run out of town in 2010.

At 13-29-1, Patricia has lost more games in less time than former Lions coach Jim Caldwell. And for Detroit, Caldwell was viewed as a problem even though he finished three of his four seasons with a record above .500.

Simple; the Patriot way works in Foxborough but fizzles outside Gillette Stadium.

The last four losses from Detroit have come by double-digits. Their next three games are against teams with .500 records or better. And even when healthy, the play-calling seems to be the problem with few signs of improving anytime soon.

Stafford is ready for change, meaning he’s out or Patricia is. If the Ford family is smart, they’ll go with the quarterback who deserves so much better than the mess he’s been through during the Patricia era.