NFL power rankings, Week 14: Giants rise, Titans fall

The New York Giants are giving the NFC East a better name after handling the Seattle Seahawks, while the Tennessee Titans threw in a clunker.


New York Jets 0-12

Last rank: 32nd

Gregg Williams with a Herculean effort on Sunday.


Jacksonville Jaguars 1-11

Last rank: 31st

Give the Jaguars credit. They fight hard, but they can’t get it done.


Cincinnati Bengals 2-9-1

Last rank: 30th

Without Joe Burrow, it’s going to be a long road to the end.


Philadelphia Eagles 3-8-1

Last rank: 29th

Who is the quarterback now? Jalen Hurts wasn’t great, but he provided a spark.


Dallas Cowboys 3-8

Last rank: 28th

Let’s assume the Cowboys get boat raced on Tuesday and move on.


Los Angeles Chargers 3-9

Last rank: 27th

Anthony Lynn needs to be fired. This is a clown show.


Denver Broncos 4-8

Last rank: 25th

The Broncos fought hard at Arrowhead, but in the end, the offense couldn’t get it done.


Houston Texans 4-8

Last rank: 23rd

The Texans have a great quarterback and just about nothing else.


Carolina Panthers 4-8

Last rank: 22nd

Let’s see what Matt Rhule has cooking out of the bye week.


Atlanta Falcons 4-8

Last rank: 21st

Good fight, bad result against the Saints for a Falcons team that is simply star-crossed.


Chicago Bears 5-7

Last rank: 18th

The Bears finally score 30 points, and then Mitch Trubisky fumbles and they allow 34. What a disaster.


San Francisco 49ers 5-7

Last rank: 19th

Josh Allen took the 49ers apart. Their playoff hopes are on life support.


Detroit Lions 5-7

Last rank: 26th

Somehow, the Lions are one game out of the final NFC playoff spot.


Washington Football Team 5-7

Last rank: 24th

What a win. The race is on in the NFC East.


Arizona Cardinals 6-6

Last rank: 14th

Even though the Cardinals have a better record than the Giants, they move behind them. Without Hail Murray, they lose five straight.


New York Giants 5-7

Last rank: 20th

Great, GREAT win by Big Blue. The Giants have really turned the corner over the last month. Love the toughness.


Minnesota Vikings 6-6

Last rank: 16th

Moving up for this? No. No way, even if they’re in the playoff picture.


Las Vegas Raiders 7-5

Last rank: 15th

The Raiders get no credit for that. What an atrocity.


New England Patriots 5-6

Last rank: 17th

Are the Patriots good? No, but winning 45-0 on the road deserves a huge step up.


Miami Dolphins 8-4

Last rank: 13th

A ho-hum win over the Bengals who caused multiple fights. Wild game. Now, the Chiefs.


Baltimore Ravens 6-5

Last rank: 12th

First, the Cowboys on Tuesday. Then they go to Cleveland for a huge game on the shores of Lake Erie.


Tennessee Titans 8-4

Last rank: 7th

What the hell was that?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-5

Last rank: 10th

The Buccaneers stay put off their bye, and now host the Vikings in a key game.


Seattle Seahawks 8-4

Last rank: 6th

Seattle drops three spots for a lousy offensive effort in a loss to the Giants. Tough to take considering how tight the NFC is.


Cleveland Browns 9-3

Last rank: 11th

This feels a touch high, but the Browns deserve their due. They hammered the Titans in the first half, never were really threatened and now sit 9-3.


Los Angeles Rams 8-4

Last rank: 9th

Great job by the Rams, who are 7-0 against the Cardinals with Sean McVay as coach. Leading the NFC West once more.


Indianapolis Colts 8-4

Last rank: 8th

Indianapolis had to hold on late, but the Colts did it, and now they head to Las Vegas for a key showdown.


Green Bay Packers 9-3

Last rank: 5th

Green Bay raced to a big lead, had a lull and then finished off the hapless Eagles.


Pittsburgh Steelers 11-1

Last rank: 2nd

The Steelers can’t create chunk yardage and aren’t even pretending to run anymore. Both are huge problems.


Buffalo Bills 9-3

Last rank: 4th

Yes, Buffalo is deserving of this spot. Josh Allen is the difference between the Bills and Steelers. Now, the two meet.


New Orleans Saints 10-2

Last rank: 3rd

The Saints are the best team in the NFC. Great defense, scary offense and an excellent coach.


Kansas City Chiefs 11-1

Last rank: 1st

Not pretty at all, but the Chiefs win to clinch a sixth straight playoff berth.