MLS legend Kyle Beckerman retires after two-decade career

Kyle Beckerman’s career in MLS has come to a close at the age of 38. 

Despite some cheap ownership and playing in a very small market, Real Salt Lake has been a fixture in the MLS postseason over the last few decades, and it’s not a coincidence that their run coincides with Kyle Beckerman’s tenure at Rio Tinto. However, as RSL looks to move forward into a new era, Beckerman announced that he will not be along for the ride.

After a career that lasted two decades, Beckerman finally decided that it’s time to close the book on his soccer career, announcing his retirement.

Kyle Beckerman is one of the greatest players in MLS history

After barely playing with the Miami Fusion in 2000 and 2001, Beckerman ended up on the Colorado Rapids in the 2002 dispersal draft, and he would go one to make 161 appearances for the club. His career really took upon his move to Real Salt Lake, where he donned the No. 5 shirt. For RSL, Beckerman made 411 appearances as a defensive midfielder, netting 35 times while frequently serving as captain. His ability to both shut down some of the best strikers in the league and bisect the field with precise passes to kickstart an attack made him one of the most reliable players in the league.

Beckerman, almost always sporting his trademark dreadlocks, was a valuable member of the In his career, Beckerman won MLS Cup once in 2009 and took home the Gold Cup in 2013 while being named an MLS All-Star six times.

In Beckerman’s playing career, MLS evolved from a league with goofy team names and hockey-style penalty shootouts into arguably the best league in North America, with international talent young and old choosing to come to the states. Beckerman’s presence as a holding midfielder in Salt Lake will be missed on and off the field.