Is Home Depot open on Christmas Eve 2020?

Christmas Eve comes with it a lot of last-minute running around and maybe you need something serious, can you get that from Home Depot?

Home Depot is the big, one-stop-shop for all things home improvement, decoration and repair. You can get just about anything you need there if your home is in need of something.

Maybe your wife is finally going to try cooking that turkey, and you want to get a fire extinguisher just in case. Maybe your father-in-law finally convinced everyone to try deep-frying a turkey and you need, well, another fire extinguisher just in case. Maybe your daughter took a gainer over her bed and ended up going through her bedroom door like a bowling ball. Gonna need to replace that door! Or maybe the cat finally did it and took down the tree, ruining all the ornaments.

Will Home Depot be open on Christmas Eve for any last-minute needs?

Yes, they’ll be open, but they’ll have adjusted times of operation. The stores will still open at their usual hours on Christmas Eve, but be sure to get there as early as possible, as Home Depot will be closing their stores around 5:00 p.m. local time at just about every location. So if you find yourself in serious need of a part for the kitchen, a last-minute patch job or some decorations, you’re going to need to get there early.

Be sure to drive carefully, and bring your mask and give yourself plenty of time to get in and get out. You’re not the only one who’s going to be on the road doing something last-minute.