Christmas store hours 2020: Is Walmart open?

Is Walmart open on Christmas Day this year?

Walmart always seems to be an answer when asking where to buy something. Need a toy to gift to your child for the holiday season? Walmart. Need to get a great piece of clothing? Walmart. Need to buy something needed for that Christmas dinner? Walmart.

For almost anything you need, the superstore appears to be an answer on where to get it. But will it be an answer to all your last-minute holiday needs? Well, about that…

Walmart Christmas Day 2020 store hours

If you need to grab something on Christmas Day, you’re going to need a different plan than heading to Walmart, as the superstore is closed completely on Christmas Day.

In fact, Walmart stores across the U.S. will close at 6 p.m. local time on the 24th and will open for regular business hours on the 26th. While this is going to put a damper in some sudden plans for those who wait until the last minute during the holiday rush, it gives employees well-deserved time to be with their families and loved ones — especially in a time that is far from normal.

If you need something from Walmart, get it on the 23rd or 24th, and make sure you’re following COVID protocols in the store.