James Skalski ejected for targeting on Justin Fields, but was it the right call? (Video)

James Skalski will have to watch the rest of the Sugar Bowl from the sidelines.

Because of a huge, punishing hit on Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields, Clemson Tigers linebacker James Skalski will have to miss the rest of the Sugar Bowl, as he has been ejected for targeting.

Even though it was not a helmet-to-helmet hit, the officials deemed this hit was targeting from Skalski because he went in and used his head as a spear to deliver the crushing blow. Fields laid on the ground for quite a while after taking that big hit. He would walk to the medical tent a few minutes after he laid on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome turf on Friday night.

Should James Skalski been ejected for targeting?

Skalski was ejected for targeting in last year’s national championship game vs. the LSU Tigers. Fate would have it he was ejected on the same field the season prior. It may not have been helmet-to-helmet, but Skalski is a senior and one would think he would have learned to tackle correctly by now. By having him out, it may end up costing Clemson in the national semifinal.

While it was controversial, Skalski is out because he speared Fields in the ribs in the playoff.

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