NFL fans react after Lamar Jackson pulled a Tom Brady and snubbed the Titans

Lamar Jackson took a knee and then ran off the field, just like Tom Brady did before him.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson celebrated his first career playoff victory by channelling his inner Tom Brady and not shake the hands of the opposition.

Sore winner, sore loser, getting caught up in the moment or having to make a b-line to the Nissan Stadium water closet, Jackson was not there to grease some palms with some Tennessee Titans in the post-game. Jackson would return to the field to do the post-game interview with the ESPN crew, but he was scrutinized for displaying bad sportsmanship from the fine folks of Twitter.

Should Lamar Jackson have shaken the hands of the Titans he defeated?

Even if Jackson got caught up in the moment or had to venture to the restroom real quick, him not shaking the hands of the Titans sets a bad example for kids watching him back home.

While no love is lost between the Ravens and Titans historically, a franchise quarterback has to win and lose with dignity. Then again, Brady has six Super Bowl rings to pick and choose who he shakes hands with.

Baltimore will face either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional round next weekend. The Ravens will have to be road warriors to make it to Super Bowl 55 down in Tampa this February.

Overall, most people are happy that Jackson got the proverbial monkey off his back by winning a playoff game. Nobody outside of Ravens Flock expects Baltimore to beat the Bills in Orchard Park or the Chiefs at Arrowhead next weekend. However, Twitter is largely disappointed that Jackson did not take the time to at least show his respect to Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry and the Titans.

Baltimore advances to the next round, but let’s hope no karmic implications follow them there.