Baker Mayfield won’t get sucked in to Chiefs bulletin board material

Baker Mayfield isn’t going to get sucked into any bulletin board material provided by the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield marched into Pittsburgh last Sunday and took down their division rival in one of the most surprising playoff games in a long time. Next up is a showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mayfield and the Browns seemed to be fired up against the Steelers thanks to some bulletin board material provided by JuJu Smith-Schuster. The phrase “the Browns is the Browns” energized the group and became a fun saying in Northeast Ohio.

Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins made a comment on Twitter during the game that could end up being something to get the Browns fired up once again. Mayfield made sure to say he isn’t going to get caught up in any social media drama.

Mayfield focused on the game

For those unaware, here is what Watkins had to say.

Mayfield basically said he isn’t going to fault anyone for being confident. Watkins and the Chiefs have plenty to be confident about and the Browns are in fact major underdogs this Sunday in the Divisional Round matchup.

Fans don’t know what players are truly thinking when they aren’t talking to the media. The Browns tried not to get too involved with Smith-Schuster’s trash talk last week, only to openly mock him in the locker room after the game. So maybe they will be talking about Watkins’ tweet this week as they seek any and all motivation to march into Kansas City and do the impossible once again.

The Chiefs, like the Steelers, are not expected to lose to the Browns. However, Kansas City should be better prepared knowing the Browns are a legitimate threat.

The Browns and the Chiefs aren’t rivals so the trash talk should be more tame this week. A Browns win could certainly change that and also the landscape of the AFC moving forward.