NFL all-time quarterback rankings: Who is the best?

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ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 9: Quarterback Warren Moon #1 of the Houston Oilers sets up to pass against the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium on September 9, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Falcons defeated the Oilers 47-27. (Photo by Gin Ellis/Getty Images)

The NFL is home to multiple stars under center, but there can be only one G.O.A.T. 

Everyone has their own favorite quarterback in the common era of football. Some love the mobile options while others thinks pocket-passers with big arms are the stars.

None of that matters on the debate floor when all people care about is the age-old question.

Who is the greatest quarterback of all-time?

Multiple names have been thrown around in the past and several are locks to be in the top-five of any factual list. But that top spot? Even if you think you know who is No.1, someone will always have a differing opinion.

Soon, Patrick Mahomes could be on this list alongside Tom Brady after appearing in his second Super Bowl. For now, these 10 names are the front-runners for the G.O.A.T. title.

Top 10 NFL quarterbacks of all-time

Warren Moon
QB Houston Oilers

There’s an enigma when talking about Warren Moon. Imagine his career if he didn’t spend the first six seasons tearing it up in Canada. Would he be higher? Lower? Could the city of Houston have a Lombardi Trophy despite the Oilers’ move to Tennessee?

Moon never enjoyed success in the playoffs, winning only three postseason games and failing to make it to a conference championship. He did though win an MVP, multiple Pro Bowl nods and threw for over 4,000 yards four times during the NFL’s still run-first style offenses.

Before Lamar Jackson was criticized about playing quarterback, Moon was the test subject of that debate. Scouts said he would be better as a receiver at the next level. Big mistake when looking back now.

Moon ranks 12th all-time in passing yards, 14th in passing touchdowns (291) and hand one of the best pure arms the NFL has ever seen. If the Oilers built around him, there’s a chance the Hall of Fame quarterback would be higher on this list and walking around with a ring.

Aaron Rodgers
QB Green Bay Packers

If Aaron Rodgers had more than Super Bowl win, would he be in the top-five conversation? Probably after his MVP 2020 season in which he became the first quarterback in league history to have three seasons of 40-plus touchdowns, yes.

Looking back at his 14-year career as a starter, Rodgers is on pace to become the greatest Packers‘ quarterback of all-time. That’s a tough act to follow when Bart Starr won the first two Super Bowls and Brett Favre is actually Mr.Packer himself Rodgers though might go down in history with the best touchdown to interception ratio in league history should he keep this up.

It’s a shame Rodgers won’t be in more Super Bowls. Since the 2010 season, the Packers have lost all four conference championship games, each coming in heart-breaking form. At 37, the handlebar mustache man might only have a chance to two to return to the big game.

Still, with over 51,000 passing yards and 412 touchdowns, those numbers are only growing. One Super Bowl or not, he’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the best to throw a pigskin.

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