Patrick Mahomes takes the blame for Chiefs losing Super Bowl 55

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn’t live up to his own expectations in Super Bowl 55 as the Chiefs fell to the Buccaneers in Tampa.

After the Chiefs lost Super Bowl 55, the quarterback stood up and said everything you would expect the quarterback to say.

Patrick Mahomes took responsibility for the loss to the Buccaneers and drew attention to his rough night.

“Obviously, I didn’t play like I wanted to play,” Mahomes said via Pro Football Talk. “What else can you say? All you can do is leave everything you have on the field, and I felt like the guys did that.”

He’s the quarterback. He’s got to take the blame, especially when he didn’t throw a touchdown and tossed two interceptions.

Even so, anyone who watched that game knows Mahomes was not at fault.

Patrick Mahomes’ poor Super Bowl was more about the Chiefs than the player

There was hardly a moment when Mahomes had the time to sit back in a clean pocket and scan the field. He was running for his life for most of the game. Battling through turf toe only made the entire situation that much worse as he couldn’t completely gash the Bucs with his legs. He ended up with five carries for 33 yards.

What plays he made — or tried to make — were a testament to his immense talent. It got the Chiefs to Super Bowl glory last year and it’ll get them close again in the future.

As Mahomes said, the team will have to lick their wounds and look to come back stronger next year. With any luck, they’ll have more than a makeshift offensive line this time around. Undoubtedly, they’ll have a quarterback who knows how to put the team on his shoulders. Now more than ever they need him to do that.