Deshaun Watson met with David Culley and reaffirmed trade demand

Deshaun Watson met with new Texans head coach David Culley and reportedly reaffirmed his trade demands.

David Culley is inheriting a tumultuous situation with the Houston Texans. The new head coach has already seen his team move on from J.J. Watt and now he doesn’t know who his quarterback will be in 2021.

The Texans organization continues to say Deshaun Watson is their franchise quarterback. The only problem is that Watson himself continues to say he is never playing for the team ever again. He reportedly reiterated that point in a recent meeting with Culley, according to ESPN’s Dan Graziano.

Deshaun Watson makes it clear he wants out of Houston as soon as possible

The Texans are in a weird spot and appear to be sticking with the strategy of stubbornness at this point in the offseason. They don’t necessarily have to trade Watson this season. However, that is going to be the ultimate distraction if he refuses to report and the team has no proper backup plan. Just hoping for him to completely change his mind is not a plan.

Culley is now at a huge disadvantage after taking arguably the worst available head coaching job this offseason. He now has to defer to the front office just to learn who will line up under center for him in 2021.

The Texans upper management created this problem and their reputation will only get worse if they refuse to trade Watson and even fine him for not reporting. It appears he is not going to budge and telling Culley that so early in the offseason makes that point even more crystal clear.

Holding onto Watson past the draft would be a surprise, considering the haul of first-round picks that could come Houston’s way in any trade. But based on the current rhetoric, Culley is going to have more questions than answers when offseason programs begin.