Russell Wilson’s agent says Bears would be acceptable trade destination

Russell Wilson’s agent said something that is going to have Bears fans excited about a possible trade involving the quarterback.

The relationship between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks seems to be deteriorating with each passing day. The warning signs began with Wilson speaking out about a lack of protection from the offensive line. This has now spiraled into trade rumors.

Wilson has not come out and demanded a trade like Deshaun Watson. But his agent revealed to ESPN that Wilson does have some trade destinations in mind if it were to reach that point of no return with the Seahawks. Arguably the most fascinating team to show up on the list is the Chicago Bears.

Russell Wilson sees something he likes in Chicago

Wilson to the Bears would instantly turn that franchise around and get them back on the level of being a Super Bowl contender. Mitchell Trubisky would be off to find a new team and Nick Foles could even be sent to Seattle in such a deal.

This type of blockbuster trade would allow Matt Nagy to prove he can lead an offense to greatness if given the proper quarterback and would also save Ryan Pace’s job in Chicago. Wilson is under contract through 2023 and the Bears would have a clear window to go win a Super Bowl.

Wilson is an eight-time Pro-Bowl quarterback and just threw 40 touchdowns in 2020. His talent waning is not the issue in Seattle. The problem is that Pete Carroll may be overstaying his welcome and Wilson is one of the last holdouts from the era where the “Legion of Boom” was roaming the secondary in Seattle.

Bears fans should be thrilled with this news and this information leak by Wilson’s agent was no accident. Now these teams know they can make serious trade offers for Wilson. Pace should be on the phone right away trying to get a deal done. It will cost a fortune, but his job is likely on the line and this would make up for the missed picks and busts seen under his tenure.