Richard Jefferson trolls LeBron over his CGI hairline in Space Jam

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images /

Lots of things happen when you get older. For LeBron, this meant starring in a movie and getting hair back. Good for him.

LeBron is like the tides. He is a powerful, global constant and has been for what feels like forever. That’s a compliment. Like the tides, his hairline ebbs and flows. That’s an observation.

This is not an uncommon observation, though. Though it’s a silly thing, it does come up, and it comes up not just among basketball blogs by people also steadily getting older without any comparable accomplishments. It can come from peers as well, as Richard Jefferson points out on Instagram:

Things seem a bit different coming from a former teammate than it does a random person on the internet. By different, that is to say better. It’s more fun. It almost gives credence to the various jokes made over the years since LeBron embraced headband life. It’s a pat on the back to people who don’t quite trust their own sense of humor.

But Jefferson is right; the hairline does indeed look fire. That’s a compliment as well. The CGI aspect is an observation, but it’s possible that’s unfair.

LeBron’s hairline is one of the great mysteries of the universe

As Carlos Boozer pointed out not too long ago, there are all sorts of ways to account for male pattern baldness. It’s possible LeBron has undertaken one of these methods instead. If you’re in Los Angeles and have ridiculous amounts of money, it’s possible that can be considered the norm.

To this point, Alex Caruso makes less than a tenth of LeBron’s salary, and he has decided to go a different route. I think that either proves the money point or doesn’t. It’s hard to say.

Regardless, LeBron has decided that in Space Jam 2 that he will have hair. This could be an artistic choice or could play a part in the plot. It’s impossible to say at the moment.