Willson Contreras HBP leads to benches-clearing drama between Cubs and Brewers

Willson Contreras was plunked for the sixth time in the last 11 games in the Cubs-Brewers rivalry. He’s sick of it.

Contreras was plunked on the elbow this time around, actually a fairly understandable act given his batting stance. Yet, at this point, it’s personal for Contreras. A player can only be plunked a certain number of times by the same team before they start to take notice.

It’s unlikely Brad Boxberger had specific orders to hit Contreras, or decided to do so on his own. Yet, this is the second benches-clearing incident in three days in MLB. Someone might want to remind these players they’re still playing in the middle of a pandemic, and MLB has very specific rules against this sort of conflict.

For the most part, cooler heads prevailed. The fans are Wrigley Field loved every second of it.

MLB would prefer to avoid benches-clearing incidents

MLB came down hard on Nick Castellanos, who they deemed responsible for the Reds-Cardinals feud this weekend. Castellanos was suspended two games for essentially flexing after a home run.

Contreras’ eventual punishment could be a fine, especially if MLB wants to make an example out of players who willingly break their protocol. Technically, any player who intentionally creates conflict and breaks the six-feet parameters is supposed to be ejected. It remains to be seen how strict umpires will be at enforcing that.

Contreras’ fate is up in the air at this time.