Mark Schlereth posts ‘apology video’ to New York Jets fans

Former offensive lineman Mark Schlereth “apologized” to New York Jets fans for hurting their feelings on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday.

Mark Schlereth is truly sorry that he hurt some New York Jets fans feelings on The Pat McAfee Show Friday, so the former Super Bowl champion guard with the Denver Broncos made an “apology video.”

Schlereth had the audacity to say the only team in the NFL that hasn’t qualified for the postseason in the last decade doesn’t know what it’s doing in the draft. But he stands corrected, as things have finally changed for Gang Green. They just traded away franchise quarterback Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers, but hey, Zach Wilson could be good, and so can Robert Saleh as head coach.

In making the “apology video”, Schlereth put on his 1998 Broncos helmet, the one he wore in the AFC Championship game vs. the Jets and Super Bowl 33 vs. the Atlanta Falcons. He had all three of his Super Bowl rings on the middle three fingers of his right hand. After discussing what it took to beat the 1991 Detroit Lions and the 1997 Pittsburgh Steelers, he then mentioned the 1998 Jets.

Guess what finger was reserved for the tale of the 1998 Jets?

Mark Schlereth made sure New York Jets fans know that the truth stinks

Since Joe Namath made his guarantee poolside over half a century ago, the Jets have been to a handful of AFC Championship games. Unfortunately, great Jets quarterbacks the likes of Richard Todd, Vinny Testaverde and Mark Sanchez could not get Gang Green to the promised land. Sanchez has Butt Fumbled more recently than the Jets have been a top-six team in the AFC.

Even though Stink’s Broncos have stunk since winning Super Bowl 50, Schlereth is living his best live growing grass atop his sprinkler heads in Broncos Country. But you know what? Maybe the most yolked grandad of grandads has a point? The past is a good indicator of future success. What have the Jets ever done to deserve the benefit of the doubt? They hired Adam Gase two years ago.

Schlereth has set the bar unbelievably high when it comes to extremely petty “apology videos.”