Patrick Peterson reveals new number for Minnesota Vikings

Former Arizona Cardinals star Patrick Peterson is ready to make plays for the Minnesota Vikings and he’s already got a new number locked in. 

Come next season, Minnesota Vikings fans can’t wait to see what veteran cornerback Patrick Peterson will be able to accomplish in campaign No. 1. When he does take the field, the standout defensive back will be donning a new number too.

Over the weekend, Peterson revealed that he’s turning back the clock and that he’ll be rocking No. 7 in 2021 for Minnesota. This is something Vikings fans and LSU supporters everywhere will no doubt love.

Patrick Peterson is all set to wear No. 7 with the Minnesota Vikings

Peterson wore No. 7 while playing for the Tigers. Everyone remembers the kind of playmaker he was during his Baton Rouge days, as it opened up the door for scouts from all over the NFL drooling at the thought of drafting him.

The new Viking ended up heading to Arizona, spending the last 10 years with the Cardinals. He was looking for a fresh start in his free agency and Minnesota put an offer on the table he didn’t want to pass up on. Peterson was nothing short of sensational while suiting up for Arizona. He played in 154 games, posting 28 interceptions and nearly 500 total tackles.

Peterson was also named to the Pro Bowl eight times and received First Team All-Pro honors three times. Now, he’ll be suiting up for the Vikings, a team hoping to take down the Packers for the NFC North title in 2021.

Once the season does roll around, Peterson will be ready to do whatever is necessary to help the Vikings win games and potentially get back to the postseason. When he does take the field, it’ll be fun for him to sport that No. 7 too.