5 teams that should trade for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is unhappy with the Green Bay Packers. Which teams should take advantage and jump at the chance to trade for the MVP quarterback?

The NFL got hit with a bombshell on Thursday as Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer reported Aaron Rodgers might be done with the Packers.

The quarterback wants out of Green Bay and there are some teams with major quarterback needs who should help him do it.

These are the five teams who have the most incentive to make a trade:

New England Patriots

The Patriots have been rumored to be interested in bringing Jimmy Garoppolo back from San Francisco to head up their franchise. There’s value in that, but it pales in comparison to what landing Rodgers could mean for Bill Belichick and company.

The last time Belichick had a Hall of Fame quarterback running his offense, things went pretty darn well for New England.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers want to move on from Garoppolo and look likely to take a quarterback in the draft to do it. There’s no way Mac Jones or Trey Lance are worth more than Rodgers. Put Garoppolo in a package with however many draft picks the Packers want. It’s a deal that would make San Francisco instantly relevant.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins aren’t sold on Tua Tagovailoa as a franchise option. Given his youth and potential, he’d be a perfect makeweight in a deal for Rodgers. There’d be no doubting Rodgers’ ability to put the team over the top. Plus, the QB would land in a franchise that looks like it’s building for the long haul.

Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden has Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota at quarterback, making for a pretty solid quarterback room. However, it’ll take more than “solid” to get the Raiders a first playoff victory since 2002. Rodgers would be a clear upgrade and represent a statement of intent for the entire franchise.

Denver Broncos

Everyone knows Drew Lock isn’t the long-term answer for the Broncos. They need an upgrade and there isn’t one out there better than Rodgers. This is the biggest no-brainer of John Elway’s tenure. It worked out well when they leaped at the chance to pick up Peyton Manning. This would be an even bigger get.