Look: CC Sabathia dressed as Yoda to celebrate Star Wars Day

CC Sabathia celebrates every Star Wars Day the same way by dressing up as Yoda.

Two years ago in a metropolis not that far away, The Force was with one CC Sabathia when he dressed up as Yoda to hand out bobbleheads at Yankee Stadium on Star Wars Day.

Sabathia was in the final season of his illustrious big-league career spent with primarily the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians, as well as a 2008 postseason run with the Milwaukee Brewers. During his 11 years in pinstripes, Sabathia made three more trips to the All-Star Game, led baseball in wins twice and brought The Bronx Bombers their most recent World Series title.

Relive this most wondrous day at Yankee Stadium when The Force was strong with one CC Yoda.


CC Sabathia dressing up as Yoda is too much greatness for one soul to handle

With 251 wins and 3,093 career strikeouts, Sabathia is a virtual lock to make it into the National Baseball Hall of Fame one day. While some will debate if he should rock an Indians or a Yankees cap on his Cooperstown plaque, may I suggest a most appropriate alternative? Can we please get a CC Yoda headshot displayed in the same hallway as other baseball legends for all eternity?

When we are old as dust and take our great or great-grandchildren to Cooperstown, the youths need to know about the two most important national pastimes: baseball and Star Wars. If Cooperstown is not down with this, then we must demand the second-best alternative. CC Yoda on display at Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, right next to Don Mattingly’s glorious mustache.

May the Fourth be with you for the rest of today or until it is margarita time tomorrow, baby!