MLB rumors: Albert Pujols willing to go to extreme measures for Cardinals reunion

Albert Pujols wants to go back to where it all began in St. Louis.

Pujols was waived by the Los Angeles Angels in part due to the fact that he couldn’t live up to his large contract, especially towards the tail end. Yet, now that he’s cleared waivers and is available on a much cheaper price tag, Pujols might have some takers.

The 41-year-old is not a starting-caliber player, despite his initial desire to receive regular at-bats in the Angels lineup. Joe Maddon wouldn’t go along with that, and it’s unlikely other managers will alter that approach. Yet, Pujols coming off the bench and playing a mentor role could actually work out, even for a contender like St. Louis.

A return to where it all began would make sense in this role, especially since the designated hitter isn’t available in the National League. Pujols could take up at-bats as a backup first baseman and pinch hitter.

Per Katie Woo, who covers the Cardinals for the Athletic, no deal is imminent.

Should the St. Louis Cardinals take a chance on Albert Pujols?

How can you not be romantic about baseball? Pujols will go into the Hall of Fame wearing a Cardinals cap, he deserves one final chance to contribute to the ballclub that gave him a big league chance to begin with.

Pujols was hitting under the Mendoza line when he was cut by Los Angeles, but he’s still more capable than that, even if the improvement is pedestrian. In a single at-bat scenario, Pujols can instill fear in opposing pitchers.

With no strings attached, the Cardinals have nothing to lose by bringing in an extra bat. If it doesn’t work out, both sides can at least say they tried.