Canadiens fans are back to live sports just in time

Game 6 between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs provided hockey fans with a beautiful symphony of fans singing ‘O Canada.’

There is perhaps no better sound in all of sports than a bunch of fans singing O Canada in unison. The COVID-19 pandemic has denied hockey fans the beautiful symphony for over 14 months. Before Game 6 between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs, fans finally got the symphony they’ve been waiting for.

Though it was just 2,500 fans singing along, it’s extremely special because singing O Canada is such a great tradition in hockey. It gives people hope that maybe things are finally starting to return to normal.

Rarely can you witness Maple Leafs fans and Canadiens fans agreeing on something and not yelling at each other. But the national anthem is certainly one of those times. The Bell Centre is one of the greatest arenas in hockey and it got to host its first O Canada since the pandemic began.

Canadiens fans were also ready and raring for puck drop. Though the Bell Centre wasn’t even close to being at full capacity due to restrictions, the energy was flowing through the arena.

The Habs fed off the energy early, as they picked up the first eight shots on goal in the first period. Canadiens fans are hoping to give their team a lift as they try to force a Game 7 against the heavily favored Maple Leafs. Before the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs, it had been quite some time since the two rivals squared off in the postseason. Both sides are showing why despite their lack of recent meetings in the postseason, they still have the greatest rivalry in all of hockey.