Snoop Dogg sounds off on Lakers after Game 5 blowout

Snoop Dogg, Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)
Snoop Dogg, Los Angeles Lakers. (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images) /

Snoop Dogg could not be more disappointed with the Los Angeles Lakers than right now.

With the Los Angeles Lakers on the brink of elimination, Snoop Dogg had some things to say about their disaster of a playoff game vs. the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night.

The Lakers dropped Game 5 like it was hot. It did not matter if they were playing Phoenix in the Valley of the Sun, the Lakers went out and got burnt to a crisp in a crushing 30-point loss. Though Anthony Davis did not play in this brutal defeat, Snoop Dogg took to social media to rip his favorite NBA team completely to shreds. He even said the LA Clippers were better than this Lakers team…

Snoop Dogg held absolutely nothing back when he crushed the Lakers on social media Tuesday.

Snoop Dogg destroys the Los Angeles Lakers on social media after Game 5 loss

The Lakers may have won the NBA Finals a season ago, but they are quickly finding out that this is not the Orlando bubble anymore. Last year’s Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat were swept over Memorial Day Weekend by the Milwaukee Bucks in their first-round series. Unless the Lakers can get it together in Game 6 on Thursday night, they will be heading towards an early exit.

Not even a year ago we saw two Los Angeles teams win championships. While the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first World Series since 1988, the Lakers won their first in over a decade and their first without the late, great Kobe Bryant. While the Lakers still have LeBron James, even he is not capable of carrying this often-injured, underperforming team to the promised land once again.

Snoop Dogg’s frustrations largely echo what many Lakers fans feel about this year’s squad.