Cubs fans are mad online about terrible ‘city connect’ jerseys

Nike’s new ‘City Connect’ jerseys have been greeted with open arms by baseball fans, at least until Chicago Cubs fans saw theirs.

While the crosstown White Sox got perhaps the best new jerseys of the bunch, the Cubs…did not. They haven’t been officially revealed by the team, but the Cubs new ‘Wrigleyville’ jerseys leaked on Friday afternoon, and the response has not been kind.


Fans understandably took to social media to express their displeasure with Nike’s choice.

Cubs fans can claim not to be mad all they want, I’m not sure I believe them.

MLB news: Cubs ‘City Connect’ jerseys aren’t fitting of a division leader

The Cubs have surprised most national MLB pundits this season with their play, as a recent stretch has them atop the NL Central, 1.5 games ahead of the favored St. Louis Cardinals.

That simple fact has thrown a wrench in management’s trade deadline plans. Jed Hoyer will have a tough time trading a leading MVP candidate if his team is in first place. It would be a PR nightmare.

As much as Cubs fans would understand a teardown if the team sinks back to the middle of the pack, trading away the likes of Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez or Willson Contreras en route to a playoff appearance doesn’t make much sense. If anything, it speaks to how much talent remains in that core.

The Cubs may very well win the Central. If they’re forced to rock those City Connect jerseys on a weekly basis, however, I can assure you they won’t look good doing it.