Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen calls MLB’s review system ‘pathetic’

New York Mets. (Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports)
New York Mets. (Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports) /

New York Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen had strong and accurate criticism for MLB’s replay review system after a terrible blown call against the Orioles.

Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen has had enough with MLB’s flawed replay review system.

From the length of reviews to the blown calls, Cohen had a lot to complain about when officials botched a replay during the Mets game against the Orioles.

“It’s pathetic,” the broadcaster said.

The issue at hand was a safe call at first base on a double-play attempt. Fernando Lindor’s throw to James McCann looked like it made it to first before Ryan Mountcastle. The out should have ended the inning.

Instead, officials declared Mountcastle safe and the Orioles continued the first inning with two outs and men on third and first.

The blown call in the Mets vs. Orioles game amplifies what’s wrong with review

At least the questionable decision didn’t impact the score. Freddy Galvis grounded out to end the inning eventually.

Even so, Cohen’s criticism rings true. That wasn’t a particularly tough call to get right. The only explanation for the miss was officials overthinking it.

That is probably tied to the length of the review. Before the call was made, Cohen was miffed precisely because of that as players stood around waiting for a decision.

“There’s just no reason for this to be taking so long,” he said while pointing out the negative impact on pace of play, which is a focus for MLB right now.

It’s frustrating to have a system that’s supposed to get things right operate without common sense.

The Mets may have been miffed by that call, but they’ll be more annoyed at what turned into a sizable loss. Despite two home runs from designated hitter Pete Alonso, the Orioles ran away with a 10-3 victory.

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