UFC 263: Israel Adesanya retains with one-sided decision over Marvin Vettori

Israel Adesanya sweeps the scorecards, retains middleweight championship in rematch with Marvin Vettori at UFC 263

The UFC 263 main event was nothing but Israel Adesanya, as he retained the UFC middleweight championship in a performance against Marvin Vettori that left no doubt in anyone’s mind.

This was a rematch from their April 2018 bout in the same arena, which Adesanya won in a split decision.

Israel Adesanya outclasses Marvin Vettori to retain middleweight title at UFC 263

Adesanya worked over Vettori with several hard leg kicks throughout the opening frame, as well a notable high kick that caught Vettori. Vettori scored a takedown during the round, but Adesanya was able to get back to his feet with a bit of effort.

Adesanya continued to strike around the outside in the second round, continuing to land the leg kicks, as well as utilizing elbows in the clinch to prevent Vettori’s takedown attempts.

Vettori came right after Adesanya in the third round, taking him down almost immediately and getting a hold of Adesanya’s back. He nearly locked in a choke on the defending champ, but Adesanya managed to turn around and get on top in Vettori’s guard. Vettori attempted a leg lock, but Adesanya was able to get out, and, following an eye-poke break, the two began to trade, and Adesanya continued to get the better of Vettori by leading with the leg kicks.

Adesanya continued his leg-kick-leading strategy in the fourth round, continuing to pick apart at the challenger, who had little answer to Adesanya’s attack.

Vettori tried to get another takedown of Adesanya at the start of the fifth, only for Adesanya to easily shake him off and get back to work. Vettori did eventually score a takedown, only for Adesanya to easily get back to his feet.

UFC 263 takes place on Saturday, June 12, 2021, live from the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ. Follow along with FanSided who is on-site all week for all your live news and highlights.