UFC Vegas 30: Andre Fili is tired of the ‘corny sh-t’ that’s happening in combat sports (Video)

Andre Fili is sick and tired of the corny sh*t currently going on in the world of combat sports.

As UFC featherweight Andre Fili prepares to make his seventeenth walk to the Octagon at UFC Vegas 30, he’s irritated by recent trends in the fighting community. During his media day interview, Fili took the time to address his gripes fully.

“I have a huge deal of respect for what Logan and Jake Paul have done,” he said. “What Logan and Jake Paul have done in the short amount of time with the very small amount of combat sports experience they have. I respect the way they sell, promote. Like I respect the way they do that.”

“They also really take a deep step into cornball territory, and to play devil’s advocate, because they do corny shit in response a bunch of MMA fighters do corny sh-t. Like, I see people where it’s just like, you know damn well you’re not going to get the Logan Paul fight, but you’re on Twitter like f-cking saying everything I can say to try to respond to this guy, like it’s like corny sh-t. And then it breeds more corny sh*t. And then we have a bunch of random people in the street going ‘How do you feel about this fight with a f-cking guy that doesn’t fight?’ You’re like, bro, we’ve like, forgot what fighting is. Like, there’s so much corny sh-t.”

Fili lays the blame on both fighters within MMA and outside of it as well. As he sees it, however, it’s part of the evolution of the sport.

“I just, I think it’s one of those things like fighting is an art and an art evolves. Right? I love hip hop and I’ve listened, like listen to hip hop since I was a little kid, just as an example. And you know, every generation, the generation before it goes, ‘oh, this is trash,’ but there’s good hip hop and there’s trash hip hop from the time it started until now, right? It’s the same as this. This is an art form. There’s going to be cultural shifts. We’re in one right now where people do more than fight, and people do stupid antics on YouTube videos, and do this, and call out people.”

MMA can be part sport, part professional wrestling, and that’s part of the beauty of it

Fili understands that the sport needs a bit of chaos to continue to thrive.

“I just think there’s a culture. Fighting will always be a f-cking circus. Like, it’ll always be. You can do whatever sponsors and whatever uniforms and whatever you want, but it’ll always be a little bit real sport and a little bit pro wrestling. And that’s, what’s beautiful about it.”

“But sometimes the pro wrestling, sometimes the gimmick side of the sport takes over. And I think that’s happened a lot recently.”

Fili doesn’t look at himself as a gimmick, but he plans to put on a show as he faces Daniel Pineda this Saturday. We’re sure there won’t be many words, but there will be a lot of fireworks.

UFC Vegas 30 takes place on Saturday, June 26, 2021, live from the UFC Apex Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Follow along with FanSided for all your live news and highlights.